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The Big Bang Theory season 1

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The Big Bang Theory season 1 poster
17 episodes (5248 views)
Air weekdate:Thursday
Cast:Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik, Carol Ann Susi, John Ross Bowie, Sara Gilbert, Laura Spencer, Kevin Sussman
8.8/10(1455 votes)

The lives of physicists Dr. Hofstadter and Dr. Cooper are shaken up when an attractive young aspiring actress from Omaha, Nebraska, named Penny moves into the apartment across the hall from theirs. Leonard begins to become hopelessly enamored of Penny, while she feels only platonic affection for him; as a result, she finds herself putting up with his closest and ever-present friends: his roommate, Sheldon, who appears borderline obsessive-compulsive; engineering whiz Howard Wolowitz, a desperately sex-crazed mama’s boy who thinks that his 1960s-style clothing and hairstyle give him an air of cool hipness. During Season 1, Sheldon loses his job for insulting his new boss, finds his ego bruised by a child prodigy, and becomes unable to bear being part of a lie that Leonard has told, always attacking the world with a relentless need to assert his supremacy. Rajesh first learns that he can talk to women, but only when he’s drunk, and Penny and Leonard Hofstadter finally go out in the season finale.

The Big Bang Theory season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2007-09-24)

Brilliant physicist roommates Leonard and Sheldon meet their new neighbor Penny, who begins showing them that as much as they know about science, they know little about actual living.

Episode #2: The Big Bran Hypothesis (air date: 2007-10-01)

Leonard volunteers to sign for a package in an attempt to make a good impression on Penny, but when he enlists Sheldon for help, his attempt at chivalry goes terribly awry.

Episode #3: The Fuzzy Boots Corollary (air date: 2007-10-08)

Leonard asks a woman out after he finds out that Penny is seeing someone.

Episode #4: The Luminous Fish Effect (air date: 2007-10-15)

Sheldon's getting fired forces him to explore what life has to offer outside physics, leaving Leonard to take drastic action to snap his friend out of his funk.

Episode #5: The Hamburger Postulate (air date: 2007-10-22)

Fearing he's wasting his time on Penny, Leonard ends up making a connection with Leslie.

Episode #6: The Middle Earth Paradigm (air date: 2007-10-29)

Penny hosts a Hallowe'en party, putting Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali through a new test of their social skills.

Episode #7: The Dumpling Paradox (air date: 2007-11-05)

With Wolowitz AWOL with one of her friends, Penny's recruited to fill in for him on the guys' Halo team

Episode #8: The Grasshopper Experiment (air date: 2007-11-12)

Raj's parents set him up on a blind date, but just when he discovers he can talk to her, she shows interest in Sheldon.

Episode #9: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization (air date: 2008-03-17)

When they're invited to present at a physics conference, Sheldon's reluctance to share the credit leads to a tiff between him and Leonard, and Penny's intervention only exacerbates the situation.

Episode #10: The Loobenfeld Decay (air date: 2008-03-24)

Leonard and Sheldon each lie to avoid seeing Penny's concert, but Sheldon's is a bit too complicated for his own good.

Episode #11: The Pancake Batter Anomaly (air date: 2008-03-31)

With his friends knowing how sour he acts when sick—and avoiding him as a result—Sheldon is nursed by Penny, who hasn't a clue what she's in for.

Episode #12: The Jerusalem Duality (air date: 2008-04-14)

With Sheldon rattled over meeting Dennis, a 15-year-old physicist who's smarter than he, Leonard helps him look for a way to debunk Dennis's research.

Episode #13: The Bat Jar Conjecture (air date: 2008-04-21)

Sheldon finds himself booted from the gang's Physics Bowl team and replaced with Leslie, so he forms his own team, hoping to prove he's superior.

Episode #14: The Nerdvana Annihilation (air date: 2008-04-28)

When delivery of another collectible leads to Penny's lashing out at Leonard, he decides it's time to give up his habit, much to his friends' protestation.

Episode #15: The Pork Chop Indeterminacy (air date: 2008-05-05)

The rest of the gang fall for Sheldon's twin sister, and Leonard's plan to win her heart is derailed when Sheldon declares he'll be the one to decide who can date her.

Episode #16: The Peanut Reaction (air date: 2008-05-12)

Penny wants to throw a surprise party for Leonard, but Sheldon's indulgence at an electronics store throws her off-track.

Episode #17: The Tangerine Factor (air date: 2008-05-19)

Penny's break-up spurs Leonard to summon the courage to ask her out, and each goes to Sheldon for advice on their upcoming date.

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