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The Cleveland Show season 1

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21 episodes (258 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Mike Henry, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sanaa Lathan, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Seth MacFarlane, Jamie Kennedy Genre:Animation, Comedy Channel:FOX (US) Status:Ended

7.1 (95 votes)

The Cleveland Show season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2009-09-27)

Cleveland Brown returns to his hometown with his high-school sweetheart.

Episode #2: Da Daggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance (air date: 2009-10-04)

Cleveland, wanting to make his new stepdaughter like him more, asks her to accompany him to the school's father/daughter dance. All goes well until Cleveland has a mishap with the family pet and ruins his chance.

Episode #3: The One About Friends (air date: 2009-10-11)

Attempting to get Cleveland Jr more friends, Cleveland invites the neighbor kid over to the house. However, when he overstays his welcome, Cleveland has a rough time trying to get him to leave.

Episode #4: Birth of a Salesman (air date: 2009-10-18)

When Cleveland needs a new job, Tim hooks him up at Waterman Cable. However, when Cleveland becomes the top salesman, Tim is green with envy and wishes for bad things to happen to Cleveland. But when Cleveland comes up on some bad luck and misfortune, Tim has a change of heart.

Episode #5: Cleveland Jr.'s Cherry Bomb (air date: 2009-11-08)

After Cleveland has "the talk" with Roberta, Cleveland Jr. becomes scared and takes a vow of chastity. Meanwhile, Rallo becomes a church greeter.

Episode #6: Ladies' Night (air date: 2009-11-15)

Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group.

Episode #7: A Brown Thanksgiving (air date: 2009-11-22)

Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family and discovers a surprising secret about Donna's Auntie Momma.

Episode #8: From Bed to Worse (air date: 2009-11-29)

Cleveland and Donna are excited to have the house to themselves when Cleveland Jr. and Roberta go on a school trip to Washington, D.C., but a disgruntled Rallo will do whatever it takes to keep Cleveland and Donna apart. Meanwhile Roberta's partying gets out of control and Cleveland Jr. comes to her rescue.

Episode #9: A Cleveland Brown Christmas (air date: 2009-12-13)

When Cleveland fills in as Santa Claus at his office holiday party, he has one too many eggnogs and lets the truth slip about Rallo’s father.

Episode #10: Field of Streams (air date: 2010-01-03)

Cleveland visits his old high school and discovers there is no longer a baseball team; Cleveland tries to get Cleveland Jr. to play ball rather than joining the math club.

Episode #11: Love Rollercoaster (air date: 2010-01-10)

Ms. Eck encourages Roberta to change her appearance in an attempt to teach her an important lesson; Cleveland and the guys try to invent an infomercial product.

Episode #12: Our Gang (air date: 2010-01-31)

Coach Cleveland comes to the rescue of frustrated parents by taking a group of delinquent teens under his wing. With the help of Cleveland Jr., he creates a new club dubbed "The Crazy Eights," and hopes that it will keep the kids on the straight and narrow. However, he is soon mixed up in bad business, and only the "Crazy Eights" can help him out.

Episode #13: Buried Pleasure (air date: 2010-02-14)

When Holt confesses to Cleveland that he wishes he had a special someone in his life, Cleveland tries to set him up with cat-loving Jill; Cleveland Jr. and Rallo anticipate the birth of Rallo's pet fish.

Episode #14: The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool (air date: 2010-02-21)

Roberta and Rallo have a surprise for Lacey, Roberta’s wealthy rival. Meanwhile, Cleveland Junior learns responsibility while working at The Stool, but when he starts making changes to the guys’ hangout, a feud erupts between father and son.

Episode #15: Once Upon a Tyne in New York (air date: 2010-03-21)

Cleveland and Donna go on an overdue honeymoon to New York City, however, Cleveland suggests bringing his friends from the Stool, much to Donna's chagrin, to help Coach McFall reunite with a woman from his past. Meanwhile, Roberta, Junior and Rallo stowaway on the trip.

Episode #16: The Brown Knight (air date: 2010-03-28)

Cleveland and Donna get mugged at an ATM and Cleveland gets shot, and the media makes it seem as if he was a hero. Meanwhile, Roberta convinces Rallo that she might be dying of a terrible disease and makes him do her bidding.

Episode #17: Gone With the Wind (air date: 2010-04-11)

When Cleveland is diagnosed with high cholesterol, Donna puts him on a new high-fiber diet, which causes an intestinal backlash. It may stink up the place, but Cleveland quickly realizes his gas might score him a few points in the Broken Stool's karaoke contest. Meanwhile, Quagmire pays a visit to Stoolbend to deliver Cleveland some upsetting news.

Episode #18: Brotherly Love (air date: 2010-05-02)

Rallo gives Cleveland Jr. tips on how to woo the girl of his dreams; Cleveland Jr. challenges her boyfriend to a rap battle.

Episode #19: Brown History Month (air date: 2010-05-09)

Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. teach Donna and the kids their tradition of celebrating Black History Month. However, when Rallo learns about his heritage at school, he provokes Cleveland into a battle royale with neighbor, Lester.

Episode #20: Cleveland's Angels (air date: 2010-05-16)

After Cleveland gambles away Roberta's college fund, Kendra discovers that Cleveland was actually cheated out of his money and recruits Donna and Arianna for a "Cleveland's Angels" mission.

Episode #21: You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown (air date: 2010-05-23)

Cleveland finds out that Cleveland Jr. will inherit all of his ex-wife's belongings and that his parents, Cookie and Freight Train, plan to remarry. To add insult to injury, Freight Train dumps Cleveland as his best man in favor of Donna's ex-husband, Robert.

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