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The Deuce season 2

The Deuce season 2 poster
9 episodes (932 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:James Franco, James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Margarita Levieva, Emily Meade, Daniel Sauli, Chris Bauer, Chris Coy, Michael Rispoli, David Krumholtz, Olivia Luccardi, Mustafa Shakir, Andrea-Rachel Parker, Thaddeus Street, Sepideh Moafi, Gary Carr, Dominique Fishback, Kim Director, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Luke Kirby, Method Man, Ralph Macchio, Anwan Glover, Jamie Neumann, Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Don Harvey, Roberta Colindrez, Michael Gandolfini, Michael Gandolfini, Zoe Kazan, Zoe Kazan, Michael Kostroff, Natalie Paul
Genre:Drama, Crime
9.0/10(386 votes)

The drama about porn industry of the ’70s “The Deuce” returns with season 2 on September 9, 2018. The action will unfold after the events of the season 1 five years later – in 1977! We will see New York and its Times Square in the brightest, but most unstable state. We will see how the dreams of Vincent and Frankie Martino about the success in the porn industry became a reality. Although this is not exactly the reality that the guys wanted, but all the same they achieved incredible success in this business. The porno industry has become almost a part of American culture. Thus, we again plunge into troubled times for New York in season 2 of The Deuce, when the mafia and drug lords ruled the city, and porn and noisy parties completely absorbed America.

The Deuce season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Our Raison d'Etre (air date: 2018-09-09)

Times Square, 1977. After his early successes managing the Hi-Hat and French Parlor, Vincent is now proprietor of a new mob-backed disco, The 366, while his girlfriend Abby has brought the nascent punk-rock culture into the Hi-Hat. Vincent's twin brother Frankie remains a problem, "borrowing" money from Show Land, the sex emporium he manages, to pay off his debts. Candy, now a "triple threat" as a porn actress, producer and director, is looking to make more artful, ambitious adult films, over the objections of her collaborator Harvey. C.C. pulls a con on Bernie Wolf, director of a porn film starring Lori, to get her more money. Hoping to launch a more upscale gay nightclub, Paul looks to sever mob ties from his current bar. Alston, now a homicide detective, is approached by Gene Goldman, a civil servant appointed by Mayor Koch to clean up Times Square.

Episode #2: There's an Art to This (air date: 2018-09-16)

Confronted with the changing realities of prostitution and porn, C.C. doubles down on his assets while fellow pimp Larry Brown eyes a new opportunity. Growing creatively frustrated, Candy turns to Genevieve Furie, a onetime porn director who's graduated to slasher films, for filmmaking advice. After a customer is mugged outside his bar, Paul is approached by Matty the Horse, a rival of Rudy's, who promises Paul the mob protection he deserves. And following a nostalgic road trip to Coney Island with Vincent, Abby attends a street outreach meeting and recognizes a familiar face from Times Square.

Episode #3: Seven-Fifty (air date: 2018-09-23)

Lori envisions a sunny future in LA after attending the AFAA Erotica Awards with Harvey and Candy, who's looking to connect with west-coast producers willing to turn her fairy tale into reality. Paul and Kenneth approach Vincent about a loan for a new nightclub, free from mob ties. Goldman visits Alston's precinct to share the mayor's vision for cleaning up the Deuce. Frankie wins a hand of poker but risks losing his job. Back in NYC, Ashley pushes her reform agenda on Abby, while trying to avoid C.C. Larry Brown and Darlene learn a bitter lesson about supply and demand. Rudy sends a message to his rivals, but invites retaliation.

Episode #4: What Big Ideas (air date: 2018-09-30)

Ashley and Abby resolve to track down the identity of a 16-year-old sex worker killed in a recent fire. Vincent is shaken after witnessing the brutal side of Rudy's operation. Frustrated by the progress on her new film, Candy recruits some new faces to help her out with the production. Frankie finds his dry-cleaning business a less-than-perfect fit. Larry Brown shows off his improvisational skills. Lori looks to forge a deal with Kiki while keeping C.C. in the loop.

Episode #5: All You'll Be Eating is Cannibals (air date: 2018-10-07)

Candy taps an unlikely co-producer. Bobby is on the wrong end of a raid. Big Mike cashes in on a hit.

Episode #6: We're All Beasts (air date: 2018-10-14)

Candy shoots her opus guerilla-style on the streets of New York. Vincent makes a confession to Abby, along with a promise to change. Ashley and Abby help a prostitute escape the Deuce, with a little help from Vincent. Larry Brown gets a promotion. Paul celebrates the opening of his new upscale club. Bobby turns to Vincent to find work for his wayward eldest son, Joey.

Episode #7: The Feminism Part (air date: 2018-10-21)

Trapped by his own success, Vincent envisions an idyllic rural life with Abby. Candy is frustrated by her mob backers' misogyny and weighs telling her son, Adam, what she really does for a living. Shay reverts to form, to Irene's dismay. Joey falls in love. Darlene deals with unexpected news. Lori hits a roadblock in her quest for adult-film stardom. Alston faces a dilemma involving his old partner, Flanagan. Paul and Kenneth arrive at a crossroads.

Episode #8: Nobody Has to Get Hurt (air date: 2018-10-28)

C.C. reluctantly gives up Lori; Candy puts the finishing touches on Red Hot.

Episode #9: Inside the Pretend (air date: 2018-11-04)

Red Hot premieres; Vincent and Abby deal with an unexpected loss; Darlene comes clean.

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