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The Fairly OddParents season 3

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The Fairly OddParents season 3 poster
33 episodes (550 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Tara Strong, Daran Norris, Susan Blakeslee, Carlos Alazraqui, Faith Abrahams, Gary Leroi Gray, Grey Delisle, Jason Marsden, Dionne Quan, Frankie Muniz, Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad, Mary Kay Bergman Genre:Animation, Children Channel:NickToons Status:Ended

9.3 (16 votes)

The Fairly OddParents season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Information Stupor Highway (air date: 2003-01-20)

Timmy is writing a e-mail to Trixie, about the school dance, but Timmy's parents come in and make the e-mail all about love, and they send it! So Timmy transforms into computer data to try to recieve the letter to Trixie. While on this adventure, Mr. Crocker video records Cosmo and Wanda, and is going to reaveal it to everyone! Timmy stops Crocker from uploading that file, and Timmy gets a hold of a film of Mr. Crocker in his mothers red rubber dress!, and he shows it to the whole world.

360p (avi 102.9 MB)
Episode #2: Odd Jobs (air date: 2003-01-27)

Timmy thinks his dad needs a new job so he wishes cosmo and wanda made a website called www.cooljobs.wand so his dad can get a better and cooler job.

360p (avi 101.6 MB)
Episode #3: Movie Magic (air date: 2003-01-27)

Timmy makes a movie with his friends to impress Trixie.

360p (avi 103.2 MB)
Episode #4: Love Struck (air date: 2003-02-14)

When Timmy is snubbed yet again by Trixie, and flanked yet again by Tootie, on Valentine's Day, he wishes that he ""could live in a world without girls"". This results in Cosmo and Wanda moving every woman in Dimsdale to another part of the world, which is putting much strain and pain on Cupid because of a lack of love. Eventually, the citizens of Himsdale and Hersdale have a blast apart, but are dogged by the aspect that ""something is missing"", unaware that it is love, and the opposite gender. Timmy tries to unite them, but they only cause a war where only a ""warrior of love"" can come in and restore everything.

360p (avi 101.1 MB)
Episode #5: Most Wanted Wish (air date: 2003-05-02)

Timmy wishes that he's the most wanted kid. Running gag: a rock.

360p (avi 102.0 MB)
Episode #6: This is Your Wish (air date: 2003-05-02)

Mama Cosma returns and this time she want's Cosmo back home and the audience chooses in a game show that if he goes with Timmy or with his mom.

360p (avi 103.8 MB)
Episode #7: Engine Blocked (air date: 2003-05-09)

Timmy wishes he was his dad's new sportscar.

360p (avi 205.6 MB)
Episode #8: The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad! (air date: 2003-05-09)

Timmy wishes that he and his parents were superheroes in order to fight the Crimson Chin's arch enemy, The Antichin, who Timmy accidently wishes into our world.

360p (avi 102.8 MB)
Episode #9: Sleep Over And Over (air date: 2003-05-17)

Timmy finds himself in the middle of a feud between Chester and A.J., so he uses Cosmo and Wanda to make him appear at both houses.

360p (avi 102.7 MB)
Episode #10: Mother Nature (air date: 2003-05-17)

Mom enters a contest to see if she can be on the Weather Channel. Timmy wishes that whatever his mom predicts will happen.

360p (avi 102.0 MB)
Episode #11: Beddy Bye (air date: 2003-05-23)

Timmy always falls asleep at 9:00pm, so he wishes for a world without sleep, much to the chagrin of the human race and the Sandman.

360p (avi 103.0 MB)
Episode #12: The Grass Is Always Greener (air date: 2003-05-23)

Wrongfully thinking that his parents are better off without him, Timmy wishes that he wasn't their son, and he becomes a carny.

360p (mp4 702.9 MB)
Episode #13: The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker (air date: 2003-06-27)

Timmy travels to the past in order to find out why Mr. Crocker is so determined to prove that fairy godparents exist.

360p (avi 101.0 MB)
Episode #14: MicroPhony (air date: 2003-08-01)

Timmy,Chester, AJ, Sanjay, and Elmer are stuck with Vicky all summer so Timmy decideds to use a magical microphone to tell the parents how Vicky is to them.

360p (avi 103.9 MB)
Episode #15: So Totally Spaced Out (air date: 2003-08-01)

Cute monsters take over Eugopatamia and Timmy must save the Eugopatimians.

360p (avi 109.9 MB)
Episode #16: The Big Scoop (air date: 2003-09-26)

Chester and AJ try to figure out why timmy is liked so much.

360p (avi 102.7 MB)
Episode #17: Pipe Down (air date: 2003-09-26)

Timmy wishes for complete silence, just a metor heads toward Dimsdale.

360p (avi 112.3 MB)
Episode #18: Crime Wave (air date: 2003-10-10)

At Timmy's request, Cosmo and Wanda poof him out of his tub, so he doesn't have to take a bath. However, they forget to dress him first! Simultaneously, the comic book Timmy was going to read (rejected because it was last month's issue) slips into the water, powering the Crimson Chin's arch-enemy H2Olga!

360p (avi 99.6 MB)
Episode #19: Odd Ball (air date: 2003-10-10)

A mere 36 hours after Timmy gets a new video game for his V-Cube, the system breaks! To earn enough money to buy a new V-Cube, he works as ball boy for Dimmsdale's Ball Hogs, the selfish basketball team that never wins. If Timmy can't convince them to share, they'll move to Alaska and Timmy will never replace his V-Cube.

360p (avi 65.8 MB)
Episode #20: Where's Wanda? (air date: 2003-10-18)

A film noir-esque short about trying to find Wanda.

360p (avi 62.0 MB)
Episode #21: Imaginary Gary (air date: 2003-10-18)

Timmy's imaginary friend Gary comes to life.

360p (avi 213.2 MB)
Episode #22: Miss Dimmsdale (air date: 2003-11-07)

Timmy tries to keep Vicky from cheating in the Miss Dimmsdale beatuy contest.

360p (avi 102.8 MB)
Episode #23: Mind Over Magic (air date: 2003-11-07)

Timmy wishes that he could read minds.

360p (avi 102.3 MB)
Episode #24: Kung Timmy (air date: 2003-11-11)

With Tootie's encouragment and Cosmo and Wanda's magic, Timmy uses Kung Fu to take on Francis.

360p (avi 104.2 MB)
Episode #25: Which Witch Is Which? (air date: 2003-11-11)

Timmy travels back in time to the founding of Dimmsdale where he is accused of being a witch by th local con artist.

360p (avi 101.3 MB)
Episode #26: Hard Copy (air date: 2003-11-14)

While Wanda takes a terrifed Cosmo to the doctor, she leaves Timmy with a magic photo copier that can make copies of anything. He then makes a life-size Darth Vader action figure that tries to destroy Dimmsdale.

360p (avi 94.8 MB)
Episode #27: Parent Hoods (air date: 2003-11-14)

Timmy's parents are mistaken for wanted outlaws, and Timmy tries to catch the real crooks.

360p (avi 110.1 MB)
Episode #28: Chip Off the Old Chip (air date: 2003-11-21)

The school's director is doing a play and needs the kid with the best voice to be in the play, Timmy feels that his voice won't work so he wishes he had Chips voice and all attention goes to Timmy and not Chip.

360p (avi 102.6 MB)
Episode #29: Snow Bound (air date: 2003-11-21)

Timmy's dad thinks mom is in danger from an abominable snowman so he rushes up to mount Dimmsdale...but while Timmy's dad is on an investigation Vicky is using Timmy as a snowboard and she screams too loud and ends up in a cave with Timmy after an avalanche.

360p (avi 102.4 MB)
Episode #30: (air date: 2016-09-19)
360p (avi 108.0 MB)
Episode #31: (air date: 2016-09-19)
360p (avi 97.1 MB)
Episode #32: (air date: 2016-09-19)
360p (avi 102.7 MB)
Episode #33: (air date: 2016-09-19)
360p (avi 102.9 MB)
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