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The Fairly OddParents season 7

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39 episodes (734 views)

Air weekdate:Friday Cast:Tara Strong, Daran Norris, Susan Blakeslee, Carlos Alazraqui, Faith Abrahams, Gary Leroi Gray, Grey Delisle, Jason Marsden, Dionne Quan, Frankie Muniz, Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad, Mary Kay Bergman Genre:Animation, Children Channel:Nickelodeon Status:Continuing

9.3 (14 votes)

The Fairly OddParents season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Bad Heir Day (air date: 2009-07-06)

Crocker gets a hold of Poof and decides to groom him to be the heir to his "fame and fortune."

Episode #2: Freaks and Greeks (air date: 2009-07-06)

When Timmy's parents go to a toga party, his fairies take him to one on Mount Olympus where he accidentily destroys it with a thunderbolt, so the gods move the party to his house.

Episode #3: Mice-Capades (air date: 2009-07-08)

When Poof watches too much of the violent classic "cat and mouse" cartoon, "Cheesy and Sleazy", he turns Timmy and Vicky into the characters from the show.

Episode #4: Formula For Disaster (air date: 2009-07-08)

Poof's refusal to take his medicine and Crocker's visit to the Turner residence to complain about Timmy's bad grades leads to chaos in the Turner household.

Episode #5: Birthday Bashed (air date: 2009-07-09)

Timmy looks forward to his birthday until Jorgen reminds him that each birthday draws him a year closer to losing his fairies; however, Timmy isn't worried because his folks always forget his birthday, but he then panics when they seem to remember it this time.

Episode #6: Momnipresent (air date: 2009-07-09)

Timmy's preperations for the party of the year are interrupted by his mother who wants to spend some quality time with him. He then sneaks away every chance he gets to get the party ready.

Episode #7: Anti-Poof (air date: 2009-07-10)

When Poof's anti-fairy counterpart, Foop, is born, it is up to Poof to save his loved ones and Fairy World from him.

Episode #8: Squirrely Puffs (air date: 2009-08-11)

It's a race between the Squirrely Scouts and the Cream Puffs to the top of Mount Doom. Will Timmy's team survive this harrowing challenge, or will Mom and the "girls" make them turn tail?

Episode #9: Add a Dad (air date: 2009-08-11)

Timmy's dad is very busy working, so busy in fact, that when Timmy & him are doing something fun, he suddenly has to leave & Timmy's left alone. So he finds a solution, to wish up many dads, so that every time one of them has to leave, he has another one, but then there's too many dads! And they all want Timmy! Then when he realizes he doesn't want or need many dads, he has to find a way to get rid of sending them to another planet and gives them Timmy plushies so they can be happy!

Episode #10: Fly Boy (air date: 2009-08-14)

Everybody in Dimmsdale is watching the latest horror film, "Fly Boy". But Timmy isn't allowed to, so when he wishes to become a "fly on the wall" in order to see it, the real horror begins.

Episode #11: Temporary Fairy (air date: 2009-08-14)

Jorgen serves as over-adventurious Timmy's temproary godparent when Cosmo and Wanda become too busy with Poof.

Episode #12: Crocker Shocker (air date: 2009-09-28)

Fairy World's magic is shut down when Mr. Crocker is hypnotized into no longer believing in fairies.

Episode #13: Super Zero (air date: 2009-09-28)

When Cosmo gets ousted from the house for being too annoying, he then becomes Dimmdale's newest superhero.

Episode #14: Dadracadabra (air date: 2009-10-02)

Mr. Crocker suspects that Timmy's Dad is a fairy when Timmy and his fairies help him with his magic

Episode #15: Timmy Turnip (air date: 2009-10-02)

Timmy meets his grandparents and quickly wishes they never came to America. He finds himself back in Ustinkistan, his grandparents' native country, and he must somehow get on the next boat home.

Episode #16: One Man Banned (air date: 2009-10-16)

After Timmy is rejected from the school band, he wishes everyone would love his music. But when Timmy gets his first taste of acclaim, Wanda has to stop him before he becomes completely fame-crazy.

Episode #17: Frenemy Mine (air date: 2009-10-16)

Vicky becomes Timmy's friend after he saves her life.

Episode #18: Double Oh Schnozmo (air date: 2010-04-05)

Cosmo's brother, Schnozmo, comes to visit, claiming to be a secret agent But when he turns out to be nothing but a con man, Wanda makes him take part in a real spy adventure to spare Cosmo's feelings.

Episode #19: Planet Poof (air date: 2010-04-05)

Feeling ignored by his family,Poof runs away to Yugopotamia where the unappreciated Queen uses his cuteness to scare the residents into giving her whatever she wants.

Episode #20: The Boss Of Me (air date: 2010-04-07)

When Timmy goes to visit his father's office, he wishes up a pencil that will last forever. This impresses Dad's boss so much that he hires Timmy and orders him to fire Dad.

Episode #21: He Poofs, He Scores (air date: 2010-04-07)

Timmy tries out for the soccer team his father coaches, the Victims. He accidently swallows Poof, however, who goes right to his brain and makes him the greatest soccer player ever.

Episode #22: Play Date of Doom (air date: 2010-04-08)

Foop escapes from prison seeking revenge on Poof.

Episode #23: Teacher's Pet (air date: 2010-04-08)

When Timmy wishes that he was the teacher's pet, Poof turns him into Mr. Crocker's guinea pig.

Episode #24: Chicken Poofs (air date: 2010-04-09)

Poof has the contageous Chicken Poofs disease that turns him into a chicken, and everyone he sneazes on turns into chickens as well. He then flees from the hospital, and Timmy and Cosmo try to catch him before he infects all of Dimmsdale while Wanda and Dr. Rip Studwell search for a cure.

Episode #25: Stupid Cupid (air date: 2010-04-09)

Timmy seeks help from Cupid to win the love of Trixie Tang, but Cupid is on vacation. So Timmy has Cosmo fill in for the love god, but Cosmo only causes himself, Wanda, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, and Mr. Crocker to fall head over heals in love with all sorts of things.

Episode #26: Manic Mom Day (air date: 2010-09-18)

When Timmy envies his mother's life, Wanda makes makes them swap bodies for a day on a bet that if Timmy finds a mother's life easier, Wanda will have to spend a week as a chicken; otherwise, Timmy will have to go a week without magic.

Episode #27: Crocker of Gold (air date: 2010-09-18)

Crocker captures Cosmo, mistaking him for a leperchaun, and Cosmo then steals a pot of gold from a clan of real leperchauns to buy his freedom. The clan then holds Wanda and Poof hostage until Cosmo and Timmy replace it.

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