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The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience poster
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Channel: STARZ
Status: Continuing
8.5/10(179 votes)
Amy Seimetz Amy Seimetz as Annabelle Reade
Anna Friel Anna Friel as Erica Myles
Anna Friel Anna Friel as Erica Myles
Carmen Ejogo Carmen Ejogo as Bria Jones
Carmen Ejogo Carmen Ejogo as Bria Jones
Harmony Korine Harmony Korine as Paul
Kate Lyn Sheil Kate Lyn Sheil as Avery Suhr
Louisa Krause Louisa Krause as Anna Garner
Louisa Krause Louisa Krause as Anna Greenwald
Mary Lynn Rajskub Mary Lynn Rajskub as Erin Roberts

The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology series, which explores the complex dynamics of transactional relationships.

The spellbinding, highly professional call girl in the spotlight most males. She is capable to offer much more than just sex. She knows her worth so her services valued in big rates. She thinks that she's the best and dignified by beautiful and easy life. She likes then that she was doing. Her knows all menfolk of Manhattan. And not everyone has the opportunity spend his time with this beauty. Such pleasure accessibly only for wealthy men. And the most amazing that all who tasted those pleasures returned to her again and again. They ready again to spend money for the sake of such pleasure. But no one can not understand why it happens well. After all the girl, as if entices by her charming and piercing eyes. This probably has some sort of a mystery.

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All people have secret wishes and everyone wants to achieve their goal. But not everyone are ready to achieve their dreams by any means. There is not a secret for anybody in our world people can do very much with money. But money is everything for some people. One of the best students of the University Christine decided to earn easy money. She began working as a Girlfriend Experience. Nobody suspects Christine, because she's one of the best students of the law faculty. She is a approximate student during the day, but she is slutty girl at night. She works very carefully, because she values her own reputation. Over time Christine develops wisdom of a good sex. Now she is elite prostitute. The girl is like a goddess Kamasutra now. She allows rich men to do with their body whatever they want. The oligarchs pay her big money. She begins to like what is happening and she gets pleasure from sex. Such a life takes all Christine's strength. Once she got to practice in a law firm. She learns her client in the face of the head. But any mystery in the world always becomes clear. What will be happen with Christine now?

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The events of the new season are set in London. The main character is Iris, an expert in neuroscience. Once she began to explore the transactional world, but quickly realized that sessions with a client give her a huge advantage in the world of technology and vice versa. But soon the girl begins to doubt whether her actions are driven by free will or something completely different. Therefore, Iris delves into her research.

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