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The House of Eliott season 1

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12 episodes (632 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Louise Lombard, Aden Gillett, Cathy Murphy, Judy Flynn, Stella Gonet, Victoria Alcock Genre:Drama, Home and Garden Channel:BBC One Status:Ended

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The House of Eliott season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode One (air date: 1991-08-31)

In the spring of 1920, Beatrice and Evangeline Elliott are aghast to find that their late father has left them nearly penniless. They had always assumed that their father, a successful physician, was well-off but they learn that he also had a secret life and spent most of his fortune. The immediate problem is financial as they search for work but their father had forced them to live a very sheltered life and they're really not qualified to do much of anything. Through good luck, a new friend introduces them to her brother, Jack Maddox, a well-known society photographer who is in need of a receptionist

Episode #2: Episode Two (air date: 1991-09-07)

The Eliott sisters are coming to terms with the lose of their father but the are still struggling for money.

Episode #3: Episode Three (air date: 1991-09-14)

Evie takes a job at Partini's dressmakers. Bea meets Mrs Pearce when she comes to the house looking for Evie. When Mrs Pearce finds out she was left out the will she demands money for Henry's son, Sebastian. In order to pay of the last of the debts Evie and Bea decide to sell the house and move in to a flat above Jack's studio. Bea also takes a job at Mrs Partini's.

Episode #4: Episode Four (air date: 1991-09-21)

Evie is shocked to discover that she has a 24-year old half-brother Sebastian, whose mother, Mrs Pearce, Mr Eliott's former mistress, turns up on the sisters' doorstep demanding a share of the will for her son. However, they are still struggling to make ends meet and have to put the house up for sale.

Episode #5: Episode Five (air date: 1991-09-28)

Evie learns some shocking news from Sebastian. Jack persuades Bea to take a chance with the Eliott establishment. Evie receives an unexpected and unwanted gift from Arthur. The sisters decide to open 'The House Of Eliott' but it turns out to be harder than they first thought. Arthur gets in deeper with the 25 Club. Both Eliott sisters receive unwanted proposal's from men in their lives.

Episode #6: Episode Six (air date: 1991-10-05)

In her continuing effort to find money for their new venture, Bea visits Sir Desmond Gillespie, Evie's godfather. A merchant banker, Gillespie agrees to put the Eliott sisters proposal before his Board, but only if Arthur Eliott agrees to act as their guarantor. Arthur isn't predisposed to helping them nor is he prepared to help Sebastian Pearce, who has now admitted that the late Dr. Eliott was not his father. Sebastian gets his revenge however by informing the police of the goings on at Arthur's nightclub.

Episode #7: Episode Seven (air date: 1991-10-12)

The new "House of Eliott" is officially opened, and the sisters' fashion creations are unveiled, although they now have the uphill task of building up their clientele and competing with other fashion houses.

Episode #8: Episode Eight (air date: 1991-10-19)

Beatrice's world is turned upside-down when the man she had hoped to marry 10 years previously re-enters her life, now married to someone else, who has ordered her wardrobe from the sister fashion house. Sebastian tries to persuade Evie to fly with him on one of his regular crossings to Paris, but Beatrice is not keen on the idea.

Episode #9: Episode Nine (air date: 1991-10-26)

Beatrice and Evie clash over their different approaches to fashion as they consider launching their own collection, with Beatrice being more traditional and cautious, and Evie being fresh, inventive and daring. Evie is withdrawn and tearful over Sebastian's death in an air-crash and still has not forgiven Hugo for preventing her catching the same flight. Jack is worried about his sister Penelope, who has been knocked about by some of the down-and-outs she has been trying to help.

Episode #10: Episode Ten (air date: 1991-11-02)

Evie and Beatrice have a serious argument in which their relationship is threatened when they are unable to agree on designs for their proposed collection. Their differences reach such a stage that Evie moves out, and Jack's relationship with Beatrice poses a dilemma for him when he has to act as arbiter between the two sisters.

Episode #11: Episode Eleven (air date: 1991-11-09)

Evie and Beatrice resolve their creative differences and work together to create their first fashion collection. They plan a collection of stunning evening wear in blue. A charity ball for Penelope's Mission gives Evie and Bea the chance to be introduced to top fashion writer, Victor Stride, who is encouraging. However, his editorial is a travesty of truth and threatens to ruin their reputation. Jack and Bea's relationship deepens, but she does not want to make any commitments until the pressures of the show and business have decreased.

Episode #12: Episode Twelve (air date: 1991-11-16)

Beatrice decides to launch their collection two weeks before that of top designer Yolande Hermane, but these actions have untold repercussions on the House of Eliott.

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