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The House of Eliott season 2

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12 episodes (725 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Louise Lombard, Aden Gillett, Cathy Murphy, Judy Flynn, Stella Gonet, Victoria Alcock Genre:Drama, Home and Garden Channel:BBC One Status:Ended

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The House of Eliott season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode Thirteen (air date: 1992-09-06)

Bea and Evie travel to Paris and consider working for Gille Caragnac, a successful couturier. When he offers them a permanent position at his fashion house, some tough decisions have to be made. Jack arrives and proposes to Bea. Florence Ranby is appointed as head of the workroom at The House of Eliott but Tilly and Madge have difficulty adapting to her fastidious ways. Bea and Jack return to England without Evie.

Episode #2: Episode Fourteen (air date: 1992-09-13)

Newly weds Jack and Bea find their marital bliss is disturbed by the arrival of Jack's old girlfriend Clara Rhoades. Things are made worse by Clara's interference in the running of the House of Eliott when she manages to persuade Bea to employ Alice Bourgoyne, an ineffectual vendeuse. Evie arrives from Paris and is committed to making the House of Eliott as successful as Maison Gille. Sir Desmond suddenly dies. Tilly continues to experience difficulty working with Florence but when she meets Norman Foss things don't seem quite as bad.

Episode #3: Episode Fifteen (air date: 1992-09-20)

When Evie is invited to spend the weekend at the Douglass family home, she becomes embroiled on their family conflicts. When she encourages Frances to go to art college, she succeeds in alienating nearly all the Douglass family. However, speed racing enthusiast James Douglass strikes up a friendship with her and is determined they be more than just friends. Jack's work commitments keep him away from Bea while she is concerned about the finances of the House of Eliott. Could Sir Desmond have been involved in fraud? In the workroom, Florence is perturbed when Tilly's old ali resumes her old post.

Episode #4: Episode Sixteen (air date: 1992-09-27)

Following a head on collision with a herd of cows, James and Evie become close. However, his obsession with racing proves too much for her so soon after Sebastian's plane crash. Bea meets Jack's parents for the first time when they spend Christmas together. His mother, an artist, proves to be a design inspiration and Bea resolves to alter the artistic direction of the latest House of Eliott collection. Alice's husband dies and the sisters realize why she has been so inefficient. Tilly and Norman decide to get married.

Episode #5: Episode Seventeen (air date: 1992-10-04)

When The House of Eliott agrees to design the costumes for a ballet, Jack becomes jealous of the amount of time Bea spends with David, the choreographer. Their already troubled marriage suffers another set back when they go to the cottage to spend their wedding anniversary and the conversation turns to having children. Joseph expresses concerns about The House of Eliott finances and Ralph Saroyan suggests that Joseph may not be as honest as he appears. Tilly and Norman get married in style.

Episode #6: Episode Eighteen (air date: 1992-10-11)

Evie finds herself attracted to government treasury minister Sir Alexander Montford. Bea and Evie hope that Lady Elizabeth Montford, in her role as trend-setter, will give her custom to their fashion house. Saroyan is determined to remove Joseph from the House of Eliott, but Joseph is equally determined to clear his name.

Episode #7: Episode Nineteen (air date: 1992-10-18)

A romance between Evie and Lord Montford risks scandal, which could ruin them both. Bea is worried by business pressures. Ralph Saroyan criticises the way the sisters run their business and demands that all cheques should be counter-signed by him.

Episode #8: Episode Twenty (air date: 1992-10-25)

Alexander has a heart to heart with Jack about his feelings for Evie but Jack fails to tell Bea what has been going on. It appears that Ralph Saroyan is guilty of more than just fraud when he is implicated in the death of Sir Desmond, however can the sisters do anything to bring him to justice? After yet more furious rows and acrimonious accusations, Jack and Bea make a decision about their future.

Episode #9: Episode Twenty-One (air date: 1992-11-01)

Following Ralph's disappearance to Germany, the House of Eliott's finances are in dire straights. Bea moves back in with Evie following her separation from Jack but has difficulty focusing on work. Meanwhile, Jack throws himself into film making as a way to forget his troubles. When the General Strike takes place it proves to be a superb subject for a documentary, especially when there is such an attractive leading lady. Elizabeth Montford will not give up her husband without a fight.

Episode #10: Episode Twenty-Two (air date: 1992-11-08)

There is stiff competition for the sisters when Maison Gille opens a fashion house near theirs. As their finances are so terrible, it appears that accepting Gille's offer to buy the House Of Eliott is the only solution. Things go from bad to worse when the press gets hold of news about Evie and Alexander's affair. Neither Jack nor Alexander want to see the House of Eliott close but will Bea and Evie be prepared to accept their offers of financial support?

Episode #11: Episode Twenty-Three (air date: 1992-11-15)

After they decide to accept Jack's offer, the House of Eliott business begins to get back on track. Having broken off his relationship with Emma, Jack invites Bea to the premier of his documentary but will she accept his invitation? An influential Hollywood film maker makes Jack and the sisters an offer that would resolve their financial difficulties but would force them to compromise their artistic integrity. Alexander is forced to resign from his governemt position however he fails to tell Evie the real reasons behind his impending departure for Italy.

Episode #12: Episode Twenty-Four (air date: 1992-12-06)

As business at the House of Eliott thrives, an offer to tour with their outfits in the USA seems too hard to resist. Jack meets up with some old war time comrades but finds that making a film about his experiences is more problematic than he thought.. Alexander returns to London but Jack and Bea go on the defensive and refuse to allow him to see Evie. When Evie discovers their scurrilous behavior she is none too pleased. Jack is offered a job directing a film in Germany, could it really be over between him and Bea?

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