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The House of Eliott season 3

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10 episodes (637 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:Louise Lombard, Aden Gillett, Cathy Murphy, Judy Flynn, Stella Gonet, Victoria Alcock Genre:Drama, Home and Garden Channel:BBC One Status:Ended

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The House of Eliott season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Episode Twenty-Five (air date: 1993-01-02)

he House of Eliott designs prove to be a great success in the USA and Bea finds that she has a new admirer, Donald, a successful businessman. When they return to London they discover that Alice has left for Maison Gille and Madge finds communication with her husband Gerry difficult. A young aspiring designer, Grace Keeble, infuriates the sisters when she double crosses them and Evie is not persuaded by business entrepreneur Larry Cotter to invest in a joint venture. Bea is distracted when it emerges no one has heard from Jack in some time.

Episode #2: Episode Twenty-Six (air date: 1993-01-09)

Bea is shocked by Jack's sudden reappearance and her confusion is compounded when Donald arrives. The House of Eliott employs ambitious Grace Keeble but her designs, and her personality, are not to Evie's liking. The 'Ready to Wear' clothing venture with Larry Cotter seems to go from strength to strength. Madge and Gerry's marriage deteriorates. When Jack has difficulty getting a studio to accept his latest script, he enlists Bea's help. The arrival of two refugees effectively destroys a romantic evening for Jack and Bea.

Episode #3: Episode Twenty-Seven (air date: 1993-01-16)

Tilly works hard helping to put the latest House of Eliott 'Ready To Wear' collection together but her health begins to suffer as a consequence. Jack arranges for Katya to be employed by the House of Eliott but Madge is definitely not happy. When Tilly's purse goes missing, all eyes look towards Katya, however Agnes' latest beau knows more than he lets on. Donald proposes to Bea but her feelings for Jack have not been resolved. When he pressurizes her into making a decision it appears that fate has the upper hand. Jack is taken a back by Bea's announcement.

Episode #4: Episode Twenty-Eight (air date: 1993-01-23)

Tilly and Norman's baby is born but the celebrations are short lived. Bea and Evie express concerns to Larry Cotter about the quality of the Ready To Wear collection and he does his best to reassure them. As Bea preparers for motherhood she worries about how it will impact on her life and Jack's. will he really take the responsibilities of being a father seriously? Evie's artist protege Daniel succeeds in having a gallery showing of his latest work but the exhibition is rocked by scandal when an old patron causes quite a scene.

Episode #5: Episode Twenty-Nine (air date: 1993-01-30)

Bea has a difficult pregnancy and is plagued by doubts about her ability to be a good mother. Evie has trouble tracking down Daniel. Tilly has difficulty coming to terms with the loss of her son William and her relationship with Norman suffers as a consequence. Meanwhile, Madge seeks solace in Charles. Jack is employed by the Communist Party to write a newspaper article on the living and working conditions of Glasgow laborers. Will he make it back in time for the birth of his baby?

Episode #6: Episode Thirty (air date: 1993-02-06)

When Daniel agrees to paint a portrait of Celia Romford to appease Bea, it creates conflict between him and Evie. Tilly becomes increasingly withdrawn and Norman enlists the help of her colleagues and finds in order to alleviate her suffering. Katya discovers that the 'Ready To Wear' collection at the Bayswater workshop is not quite to the House of Eliott specifications. Jack's political ambitions are realized when his policies on implementing a minimum wage are accepted by the Labour Party.

Episode #7: Episode Thirty-One (air date: 1993-02-13)

There is trouble at the Bayswater workshop when the seamstresses accuse the House Of Eliott of exploitation. This causes some considerable political embarrassment for Jack who has been campaigning ardently for the implementation of the living wage. Inferior copies of the Ready To Wear collection are seen on the shops and all fingers point towards Larry Cotter and Grace Keeble. However, as they are nowhere to be found, Bea and Evie have trouble in proving their own innocents. Betty is forced to come clean about her involvement in recent events but will she keep her job when the truth is exposed?

Episode #8: Episode Thirty-Two (air date: 1993-02-20)

The extent of Larry and Grace's corruption is exposed, much to the relief of the Eliott sisters and Jack. Norman has one final attempt at saving his marriage to Tilly. Will she ever be able to recover from the death of William? When Bea, Evie, Jack and Daniel go away to a House Of Eliott client's for the weekend, Daniel has trouble adjusting to mingling with the upper classes. Despite their social differences, Evie and Daniel decide to marry and Jack discusses the possibility of running for Parliament with Bea.

Episode #9: Episode Thirty-Three (air date: 1993-02-27)

As they prepare for their wedding, Evie discovers that Daniel has some old arguments to settle with his family. The House Of Eliott has a new client; the wife and mother in law of Jack's Conservative political adversary, Lady Crowborough and Lady Westlake. Tilly manages to befriend Lady Westlake but she is disturbed by the truth behind the social facade. Daniel is offered a scholarship in Paris and Norman and Tilly contemplate a radical change to their lives.

Episode #10: Episode Thirty-Four (air date: 1993-03-06)

Jack's political ambitions are realized but at what expense to the Crowborough family? Daniel contemplates accepting the bursary to Paris and Evie considers going with him. When Miles' parents show an interest in The House Of Eliott, he finds himself promoted. However, not everyone is happy to have a new partner in the business. Bea re-evaluates her role as wife and mother and Evie is determined to keep the House Of Elliott couture.

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