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The Last Ship

The Last Ship poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Channel: TNT
Status: Ended
8.8/10(3599 votes)
Adam Baldwin Adam Baldwin as Mike Slattery
Aidan Sussman Aidan Sussman as Sam Chandler
April Parker-Jones April Parker-Jones as Anita DuFine
Bailey Noble Bailey Noble as Courtney Abbot
Bridget Regan Bridget Regan as Sasha Cooper
Brooke Langton Brooke Langton as Maddie Rawlings
Caitlin Gerard Caitlin Gerard as Kelsi
Charles Parnell Charles Parnell as Hugh Jeter
Christina Elmore Christina Elmore as Alisha Granderson
Cindy Luna Cindy Luna as Conchita Barros

Their mission is simple: Find a cure. Stop the virus. Save the world. When a global pandemic wipes out eighty percent of the planet's population, the crew of a lone and unaffected Navy destroyer, the USS Nathan James, must find a way to pull humanity from the brink of extinction.

The inhabitants of planet Earth are faced with misfortune which led to many casualties. Crew of warship takes responsibility for the salvation and further sufety of those people whic\h were not hit by the virus. Team of seafarers stays at sea for quite a long time. The last days they lived in hope that will soon be able hit the beach and set foot on their native land and see their relatives and loved ones. But suddenly they learned the terrible news that on the planet there was an explosion of harmful biological virus, which hit almost the entire population. The situation on the ship becomes difficult because many people do not consider it necessary to obey the orders of the commander. They want to maintain a fitting lifestyle knowing that for their actions do not have to take responsibility. Also, many from the crew decided to go out on the land, to look their relatives and to find out for sure they were able to survive or not. Other members of the ship decided to work on a vaccine that could solve the global problem of mankind and give the world habitual lifestyle. They understand how dangerous it is for them but still believe they will be able to give life to others. Whether they can bring this case to the desired result?

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Those that you expected with eagerly, before, now became available. Adventures of the first season continue and are ready to amaze you with new episodes in the second season with the participating of your favorite characters which will surprise you by incredible discoveries. In the centre of the plot a ship which is in the high sea and keeps the direction towards its goal. Passengers of crew of ship have an important mission and hope that soon her will perform. But they still do not know about that is happening around the world. Unknown virus literally captured practically the entire population of the Earth. And can say that them are lucky that right now they are at sea, and thus saved their lifes. But after a while, when they learn the shocking truth, they will understand that they must to act and to create those medication which give a chance resist to the ruthless virus. How is not surprising but on the ship were two capable microbiologists, and exactly on their shoulders will fall the task to invent such vaccine. But them did not managed to begin the case as they get the news that not only the virus bears a threat to them but and people who fallen under the influence of the epidemic. Now heroes will have to develop new plans for confrontation not only to the virus but also to infected people.

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The new season of "The Last Ship" saturated the exciting events that befallen a team which continues to fight for the lives of all people. In addition to those heroes who attended in the last season there appeared the new faces. Together, they will to continue to fight for the restoration of peace and order in it. Their travel on the ship will continue. Their mission, to find a cure for the virus that will able to save all mankind. Of course, the journey will not a boring. They always will threatened, which could deprive them of life. But that does not stop by them. After all, they are a team and accustomed always go to the last.

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A terrible epidemic has spread across the planet. But the crew of the ship is in the Arctic. They didn't know, all of humanity is infected with a virus. They saw their cities were devastated when they came back home. Officers are trying to prevent the spread of contamination of the crew. There is a virologist Rachel On the board of Nitl James. She must develop a vaccine, which will help to rescue the remaining inhabitants of the planet. But the disease progresses very quickly. There are another nuisance in addition to the epidemic. Some passengers want to rebel against the officers. They believe they should rule the world. Because they survived, like Noah survived the flood. But the trouble does not come alone. In Saint Louis city's port the main character arrives for the report to President Geoffrey. The President was very stern and angry. Dr. Rachel Scott died as a result of injuries. Kara Foster and Danny Green were married. Danny will sail on the ship. The captain will instruct him a new mission. They will try to find their colleagues. But they expect new troubles. You can watch this show in high quality.

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The US will no longer need the help of the Naval Destroyer “Nathan James” and its team, as the upcoming season 5 will be the final for “The Last Ship” tv series. The world of “The Last Ship” has more or less recovered from the consequences of a dangerous virus epidemic for season 5, while the political situation is not so good. Captain Chandler left his post, and now Sasha Cooper, Lt. Danny Green, SCPO Wolf Taylor and Sgt. Azima Kandie are responsible for all the important decisions. A new character – General Anita DuFine will help them. She is the acting chief of Marine Corps, whose actions have saved lives for hundreds of marines during the epidemic. The war monster will show the true face on September 9, when naval ship Nathan James will go to its last voyage.

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