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The Magicians

The Magicians poster
Air weekdate: Saturday
Genre: Reality
Channel: BBC One
Status: Continuing
8.5 (2 votes)
Barry Jones Barry Jones as Presenter
Jason Latimer Jason Latimer as Presenter
Stuart MacLeod Stuart MacLeod as Presenter
Luis de Matos Luis de Matos as Presenter
Chris Korn Chris Korn as Presenter

Comedian Lenny Henry presents a magic contest in which sleight-of-hand artist Chris Korn, master illusionist Luis de Matos, and conjurers Barry and Stuart pair up with celebrities and battle in front of a studio audience to prove who is the best act

TV series "The Magicians" tells the story of a young guy Quentin Goldwater. He and his childhood friend Julia have long been keen on learning magic. After some time, Quentin becomes a Brakebills College student. He begins a new life in a secret place, where people learn magic. Here he can develop his talent. Julia's denied entry into Brakebills, and she's now looking for the same magic in other places. In college, Quentin became friends with Alice and Penny. To their immense surprise, they find that the fantasy world of which they dreamed since childhood, is more than real, and even poses a serious threat to humanity... TV show is the screen adaptation of the New York Times bestselling novels by American author Lev Grossman.

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The Magicians season 2 continues the story of Quentin Coldwater and his friends from the Brakebills University, a secret place where the study of magic. At the end of last season, the fantasy became reality when it was found that a wonderful country Fillori, that Quentin had read only in books, in fact, exist. However, going into unexplored land full of magic, Brakebills students are unlikely to suspect that on their shoulders lies a huge responsibility – to rule of the magical country. In the new season, they must rely on their knowledge and skills to protect the country from a terrible threat – they should prevent the disappearance of magic. The fate of the world is in the hands of Quentin and his friends. They discovered a world, now they must save it. Fantasy gets real…

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