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The Outpost

The Outpost poster
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Channel: The CW
Status: Ended
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Aaron Fontaine Aaron Fontaine as Tobin Aegisford
Adam Johnson Adam Johnson as Munt
Amita Suman Amita Suman as Naya
Anand Desai-Barochia Anand Desai-Barochia as Janzo
Andrew Howard Andrew Howard as Cedric Wythers
Charan Prabhakar Charan Prabhakar as Danno
Elizabeth Birkner Elizabeth Birkner as Ilyin
Glynis Barber Glynis Barber as Gertrusha
Imogen Waterhouse Imogen Waterhouse as Gwynn Calkussar
Jake Stormoen Jake Stormoen as Garret Spears

The Outpost centers on Talon, who is the lone survivor of a race called "Blackbloods". When she sets off to the edge of civilization to track her family's killers, she discovers she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to control.

The Outpost season 1

The Outpost season 1 poster

The Outpost season 1 tells about the girl named Talon. She is the only one who could survive from the Blackbloods race. Years later, after her home village was devastated by a gang of brutalized mercenaries, she went to the distant outpost. This is a watchtower, which is located on the border of the civilized world. The woman intends to track down those who killed her parents and friends. In addition, she unexpectedly discovers during her dangerous journey that she owns a supernatural power. But Talon still has to learn how to control it. A heroin awaits difficult tests. She will face a fanatical religious dictator, who is able to destroy the whole world, in season 1 of The Outpost TV series.

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The Outpost season 2

The Outpost season 2 poster

Plot continues to tell about girl, who is the only survivor of the Blackbloods to determine the murderers of her relatives. Now she grew up now, so she wants to catch out who murdered her relatives and goes to the castle far from human development. Everything changes when she realizes that she own a superpower. This power she should use and together with Captain Spears and Janzo have to finish what they started to protect herself and the whole planet from a crazy devotional despot.

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The Outpost season 3

The Outpost season 3 poster

The Outpost Season 3 is a continuation of the adventure fantasy. Created by Kynan Griffin and Jason Faller, The Outpost is about Talon, the only survivor of her kind. When she was still a child, a ruthless band of mercenaries killed her entire village. Now that she's come of age, Talon has gained her supernatural powers. In a fortress that rises on the edge of the civilized world, Talon must learn to wield her supernatural powers, and ally with the queen, who is hiding to protect the world from a fanatical religious dictator. After defeating Dred's army and capturing the outpost, Talon and Gwynn prepare to fight the First Order in Season 2.

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Channel The CW returns to the fascinating world of sword and magic: the leadership of the television network has decided on the date of the premiere of the fourth chapter of the fantasy saga "The Outpost".

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