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The Rebel season 1

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36 episodes (243 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Nick Adams, Earl Parker Genre:Western Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

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The Rebel season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Johnny Yuma (air date: 1959-10-04)

Johnny Yuma returns home one year after the war's end to find a gang of thugs have extorted a local mine and murdered his father while his father's deputy and the rest of the town live in fear and despair.

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Episode #2: Judgment (air date: 1959-10-11)

Johnny captures Will Randall who tried to steal his horse so he could flee a pursuing posse. Johnny agrees to testify against Randall, but is surprised how quickly the man's trial and subsequent execution are scheduled. Johnny is determined to find out the reasons behind the hasty proceedings, but gets little help from the townspeople who hate Randall because he served in the Union army.

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Episode #3: Yellow Hair (air date: 1959-10-18)

A mortally wounded soldier stumbles into Johnny's camp. Before he dies, he says only one thing - "Fort Concho". Johnny rides to the fort and discovers it empty of soldiers. The sole survivor is a coward who hid during the fighting and survived by pretending to be crazy knowing Indians do not harm the mentally infirm. Before Johnny can leave, he's captured by Kiowa Indians plan to torture him to death.

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Episode #4: Vicious Circle (air date: 1959-10-25)

Yuma is accosted by two ex Yankee Prisoners seeking to take gold from a Captain Pollack who later Yuma learns is a demented ex-Confederate prison officer who hoards prisoner mined gold with which he plans to reverse the outcome of the war.

Episode #5: Panic (air date: 1959-11-01)

Seeing vultures circling a cabin, Johnny Yuma rides to investigate and discovers a family stricken with illness. Johnny rides to the nearest town to fetch the doctor, but the townspeople, led by the hardware store owner insist he leave town immediately because they fear Yuma has contracted diphtheria from the squatters. When Johnny rides back to help the family, the townspeople try to burn down the cabin with Yuma and the sick folk still inside.

Episode #6: The Scavengers (air date: 1959-11-08)

Yuma happens upon a ruthless gang of drifters running out of supplies and proceeds to join in the defense of a nearby family that he has learned the gang is targeting.

Episode #7: School Days (air date: 1959-11-15)

Realizing Yuma is literate and in admiration of his ability to stand up to illiterate Armbruster family, Liam O'Shea offers Yuma a temporary schoolmaster job and he gains the affection of Peggy of which Troy Armbruster is jealous.

Episode #8: Dark Secret (air date: 1959-11-22)

After Yuma kills a man in self defense, he finds himself in the position of having to mediate between the man's dangerously defensive widow and his associates who include his employer and co-workers.

Episode #9: Misfits (air date: 1959-11-29)

Johnny Yuma seizes leadership of a teen gang whose dream is to rob the local bank and never have to work again. When Yuma spied their comfy fire in a suspiciously familiar mountain nook, the trio attacked him, but the tiny terror fought them off, then eloquently ventured to dissuade them from their sketchy plan. But when Skinny, Billy and Bull track The Rebel with a cause to his hotel room which directly overlooks the bank, the fledgling author interrogates the misfits, then devises a shrewder game plan. Is the bitter, ex-Confederate soldier using the naive teen mob ...

Episode #10: In Memoriam (air date: 1959-12-06)

Johnny Yuma fulfills a promise made to a dying Union soldier. He rides into Lassiter City to return a keepsake medal to the boy's family. The mother proudly receives the medal and then asks Yuma to stay on as a cowhand.

Episode #11: The Vagrants (air date: 1959-12-20)

Yuma is arrested for vagrancy upon arrival in town put on a road gang of a group of men that the corrupt sheriff has falsely arrested for vagrancy to work on projects without wages and he immediately starts leading a plan to escape.

Episode #12: Gun City (air date: 1959-12-27)

Yuma arrives in a town in which the local editor checks guns and, when he checks Johnny's, one is discovered missing. It is learned Ted Keller has taken the gun to settle a perceived injustice to his father.

Episode #13: The Death of Gray (air date: 1960-01-03)

A Confederate colonel and two of his marauders live in seclusion to avoid consequences of the war but the two marauders kidnap a banker's daughter and send Yuma to collect the ransom.

Episode #14: Angry Town (air date: 1960-01-10)

In self defense Yuma kills a man appointed sheriff by his gang leader brother who seeks revenge against Yuma while he intimidates the fearful townspeople to isolate Yuma by transacting no business with him.

Episode #15: Gold Seeker (air date: 1960-01-17)

Yuma attempts to take a man for killing an Apache woman over gold to the nearest fort for trial but must pit his story against the story of the man to Apache chief Running Wolf who was the father of the woman to whom the man was husband.

Episode #16: Glory (air date: 1960-01-24)

Yuma, seeing Glory's banishment for murder, offers to help her to the next town for trial but, while supplying in Glory's town, he runs afoul of Emma who has falsely accused Glory to keep her control of brother Don against Glory's love.

Episode #17: The Unwanted (air date: 1960-01-31)

Yuma rescues old Sam Amister from thieves and takes him to his hometown where Yuma learns Amister is hated for grave robbery but Yuma expects there is more to his grave digging than valuable stealing.

Episode #18: The Crime (air date: 1960-02-07)

Yuma brings items he found on a destroyed horse to location suggested by the items where he is arrested by the Sheriff for suspected murder and remains to defend a Mexican boy then held for the crime and being railroaded by the deputy.

Episode #19: Noblesse Oblige (air date: 1960-02-14)

Yuma visits former commanding officer Quincy Bannister who is irrationally and overtly pursuing the prosecution of alleged murder Newt Schofield.

Episode #20: Land (air date: 1960-02-21)

Yuma delivers Gottwald a document in a land dispute with Hauser proving Gottwald's right but, although Gottwald has a bad heart but lacking money for appeal, he agrees to a Hauser deal for a day walk off of other Hauser land in trade.

Episode #21: He's Only a Boy (air date: 1960-02-28)

Yuma in town to deliver a letter to Lick Stribling is targeted by young Virgil Moss who has become a vicious aspiring gunfighter in an effort to defend his family name against the charge of cowardice.

Episode #22: Take Dead Aim (air date: 1960-03-06)

Yuma is befriended by a married couple who perform a shooting act. When the alienated wife forces her affections upon Johnny to persuade him to run away with her, the obsessive husband vows to kill him.

Episode #23: The Rattler (air date: 1960-03-13)

Snake bit Yuma collapses at the home of a marshal targeted by hired killers where he is taken in by the wife who is in the company of Roader, a hired killer feigning friendship, who kills the marshal on his return home and frames Johnny.

Episode #24: You Steal My Eyes (air date: 1960-03-20)

Yuma finds a trapper caught in a bear trap and takes him to cabin where he discovers the man's blind daughter who mistakes him for an enemy until the actual brigands come to steal pelts meant to pay for the woman's eye operation.

Episode #25: Fair Game (air date: 1960-03-27)

A bounty hunter taking a beautiful, high class, woman in for murder at a stage depot, is poisoned to death, but Yuma is determined to finish taking her in for the dead man.

Episode #26: Unsurrendered Sword (air date: 1960-04-03)

Johnny goes to a small Mexican town to retrieve a General's sword for the General's widow, and he finds the circumstances of the General's death differ from what he was told.

Episode #27: The Captive of Tremblor (air date: 1960-04-10)

Johnny, badly wounded, is taken to the town of Tremblor, where the doctor saves his arm. But why is the doctor being kept in a jail cell?

Episode #28: Blind Marriage (air date: 1960-04-17)

Yuma gets involved at a stagecoach station when prejudice toward a Chinese father and daughter becomes physical. He assists again as thieves attempt to steal a dowry for the daughter's arranged marriage.

Episode #29: Absolution (air date: 1960-04-24)

When a sweetheart of Johnny's youth is dying, her husband, a former Union officer for whom she betrayed Yuma, seeks out Yuma so Johnny can say that he forgives the woman and assuage her guilt.

Episode #30: A Grave for Johnny Yuma (air date: 1960-05-01)

When Yuma comes to meet an unknown woman who has written to him, he discovers her grave, and her embittered brother digging a grave for Johnny Yuma, whom he blames for her death. But Johnny never met the girl, so he joins the man incognito to find the impostor.

Episode #31: In Memory of a Son (air date: 1960-05-08)

Charlie Burton summons Yuma and three other members of a rebel raiding party in which his son was killed. He informs them that he is giving them a gold mine in the Mojave Desert in memory of his son. But mistrust and murder ensue.

Episode #32: Paint a House with Scarlet (air date: 1960-05-15)

Johnny intervenes when fanatical Ezra Taber and his son harass, torment and terrorize a widow because of her former career as a dance hall girl.

Episode #33: Grant of Land (air date: 1960-05-22)

Johnny signs on as a hand for a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, former Union soldier Paul Travis, who has settled for health reasons among Confederate sympathizers who mean him harm.

Episode #34: Night on a Rainbow (air date: 1960-05-29)

Yuma arrives a year after being summoned by Ted Evans, a drummer from his Confederate regiment, to find the man addicted to pain medication and acts to help Evans break the habit while experiencing interference from an unscrupulous druggist.

Episode #35: Lady of Quality (air date: 1960-06-05)

Yuma comes upon a woman whose mind has become unstable after the murder of her husband. After the woman mistakes Yuma for her dead husband, he takes her for medical treatment and baits a trap for the murderers.

Episode #36: The Earl of Durango (air date: 1960-06-12)

Yuma arrives in town to begin his job as bodyguard for a man who is killed upon his arrival. Oddly the townspeople are elated by the death but Yuma is determined to have justice and receives unwanted assistance.

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