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The Shannara Chronicles season 1

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11 episodes (7803 views)
Air weekdate:Wednesday
Cast:Marcus Vanco, Austin Butler, Vanessa Morgan, John Rhys-Davies, Jed Brophy, Aaron Jakubenko, Malese Jow, James Remar, Brooke Williams, Poppy Drayton, Gentry White, Daniel MacPherson, Joshua Randall, Manu Bennett, Caroline Chikezie, Emilia Burns, Jared Turner, Ivana Baquero, Desmond Chiam
7.9/10(937 votes)

The well-known work of the author Terry Brooks was the source for the film adaptation of the series The Shannara Chronicles. Events of this fantasy will take you in a very distant future, and will show it unusual changes. Now in the planet Earth inhabit the four races. The first is the ordinary people, the second and third are elves, and the fourth belongs to dwarves. Endless battles and a variety of disaster contributed to the global destruction of North America. Consequently continent was divided into separate parts. Each of these parts belong to a certain type of race. The first time, representatives of each race recovered after the terrible events so live in peace with each other. However, over time the situation has changed in the opposite direction. Representatives of each of parts are making plans for the conquest of the neighboring races and accession of these territories. All were waiting for the most opportune moment to start a fight, and start the separation of the state border. While residents arrange next tricks to each other they do not see the real threat that hangs over the planet. Demonic creatures began to actively show their dark powers which no one even notices. But very soon the elves will take a responsible role for the future. What will become the next challenge of fate for representatives races at this time?

The Shannara Chronicles season 1 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 2016-12-23)
Episode #1:
Episode #2: Chosen Pt. 2 (air date: 2016-01-05)

Having seen an apocalyptic vision of the world's destruction, Amberle leaves the palace in search of answers. But when Wil and Allanon realize that she is the key to saving the Four Lands, they set out to find the princess before the Dagda Mor's Demons hunt her down.

Episode #3: Fury (air date: 2016-01-12)

Wil and Amberle are kidnapped by Eretria and Cephalo while returning to the palace. But the Rovers are the least of their worries –Wil must learn how to use the Elfstones before a bloodthirsty Fury kills them all.

Episode #4: Changeling (air date: 2016-01-19)

While Amberle embarks on a deadly task to prove her worth to the Ellcrys, the Dagda Mor sends the Changeling, an ancient, shape-shifting Demon, to kill her and anyone in its way.

Episode #5: Reaper (air date: 2016-01-26)

Amberle, Wil and Eretria must find common ground in order to survive the perils of their quest, which includes the nightmarish Reaper. In other events, at the palace, Ander tries to forge an unlikely alliance in order to find the Dagda Mor.

Episode #6: Pykon (air date: 2016-02-02)

On the run from the relentless Reaper, Amberle, Wil and Eretria take shelter in Pykon, a snowy Elvin outpost that houses a grisly secret. Meanwhile, Ander and Slanter make a devastating discovery about the Dagda Mor's forces.

Episode #7: Breakline (air date: 2016-02-09)

Amberle and Eretria run from bloodthirsty Elf Hunters who relish in cutting off elves' ears for fun, while Wil searches for them with the help of an unexpected friend. At the palace, the King sends Ander and Arion to assassinate the Dagda Mor - with devastating consequences.

Episode #8: Utopia (air date: 2016-02-16)

While Wil and Amberle search for her, Eretria stumbles upon a secret settlement of humans.

Episode #9: Safehold (air date: 2016-02-23)

Wil, Amberle and Eretria must cross ancient human ruins to reach the Bloodfire, but a nefarious evil tests their friendship.

Episode #10: Ellcrys (air date: 2016-03-01)

Wil and Amberle race to reach the Ellcrys while Allanon and Ander lead the Elvin army into battle against the Dagda Mor and his demon horde.

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