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The Shield

The Shield poster
Air weekdate: Wednesday
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Channel: FX (US)
Status: Ended
9.0/10(107 votes)
Michael Chiklis Michael Chiklis as Detective Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez Benito Martinez as Councilman David Aceveda
CCH Pounder CCH Pounder as Detective Claudette Wyms
Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin as Detective Kevin Hiatt
Alex O'Loughlin Alex O'Loughlin as Kevin Hiatt
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson as Antwon Mitchell
Brian J. White Brian J. White as Detective Tavon Garris
Catherine Dent Catherine Dent as Officer Danielle 'Danny' Sofer
Cathy Cahlin Ryan Cathy Cahlin Ryan as Corrine Mackey
David Marciano David Marciano as Detective Steve Billings

The story of an inner-city Los Angeles police precinct where some of the cops aren't above breaking the rules or working against their associates to both keep the streets safe and their self-interests intact.

The Shield season 1

The Shield season 1 poster

First season begins with the fact that David Aceveda appointed as the new captain in the area of ​​Farmington. His main priority is to remove the detective Mackay out of police. Mackey is the leader of a special unit called the Strike Team. Aceveda suspects Mackey is that he was involved in corruption and is conspiring with local drug traffickers. Aceveda implements a double agent at the Strike Team. At the future Aceveda have dreams of becoming Mayor. But first, he plans to be elected at the City Council. During the police operation an employee Crowley was killed by Mackey. Aceveda suspected of committing murder Mackay but he does not have sufficient evidence of this. Also there is a problem with persecution of a serial killer. Detective Dutch Vajebah becomes obsessed with ideas to catch him.

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The Shield season 2

The Shield season 2 poster

In the second season tells about a new hard sadistic rapist and drug dealer Armadillo. He likes to kill victims in a horrible way - by burning at the stake together with tires and gasoline. In this way he gets rid of the competitors in the area. Strike Team also has a lot of problems. A police officer Sofer shot and killed a muslim and now he feared the vengeance of the muslim community. At the same time the Strike Team tries to take control of the Armenian Mafia. But during the a special operation is faced with fierce resistance. Mob decides to rob the train with the money. Aceveda begins to suspect that the Strike Team may be involved in the robbery.

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The Shield season 3

The Shield season 3 poster

The situation in the area controlled by the Strike Team heating up after two local gangs buying MP5 machine guns . Officers Dutch and Claudette continue to search for the money stolen from the train. Danny finds that he can not get his old job. Armenians hire a hitman to avenge deal with the train. In the middle of the season Julien's former wife and child are murdered by mobsters. Mackey begins his own investigation on this case. Shane begins to work under cover for catching the killer of gay prostitutes. In the district ​​occurs racially motivated two high-profile murder. Mackey uses it to return to Farmington. Aceveda concerned by municipal elections and his political rating.

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The Shield season 4

The Shield season 4 poster

The fourth season could be called like a re-branding of the series. After the ending of the previous season's been six months. Strike Team was disbanded. Quartet scattered among various departments. Vic and Ronnie stayed in Farmington but engaged in surveillance of small businessmen such as video pirates. Lem went to the department to work with minors. Shane in the division of narcotics. His running mate Armando, who returned from Iraq, quickly adapt to the methods of Shane and passes to the dark side. Сomplicated relations between the protagonists are strained to the limit. Monica Rowling took place of the team leader and quickly began to introduce a new order. The confiscation of property from drug dealer followed by sale of assets at the auction. The proceeds will go to the development of the region and improvement of working conditions of police officers.

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The Shield season 5

The Shield season 5 poster

Strike Team was faced with the most dangerous enemy John Kavanaugh a lieutenant of the department of internal investigations. It becomes clear that this time it is serious and it is time to paid for the sins. John likes to manipulate people and follow the principle. Strike Team - becomes for him an obsession, and he will not stop at nothing to get their way. John hit at the most vulnerable member of the Strike Team - Lema and especially against each other Vic, Shane and Ronnie. Maniacal persecution of John does not end, but nothing can prepare for the shocking finale, it will forever change the main characters and leave them permanently on the other side of the law.

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The Shield season 6

The Shield season 6 poster

At the first two series continues the line with John, who found a new method of influence on Vick. Claudette, which has taken control of the site, translates Julian into a Strike Team. Vick forced to retire within a month. He must transmit Strike Team to the Kevin Hattu. However, Kevin sees at the Vick's methods the right approach in the fight against crime. Wagenbach and Weems are busy investigating the riots that began at the school because of racial hatred. Hanlon finds that Lowe was gay. The Strike of Team busy investigating the murder of a drug dealer and her daughter. Mackey agrees Lemansky take away out of the country to Mexico. Aceveda and Kavanaugh join efforts order to punish Mackey for harboring a criminal.

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The Shield season 7

The Shield season 7 poster

Seventh season is the end of story lines that began in the previous two seasons. This is a most intense and brutal season. Each participant of the Strike Team pinned to the wall. Friendship and loyalty to each other thrown away. Every man for himself and no rules. FBI Agent arrives to investigate the violence erupted in Farmington. Between street gangs and the war begins Vic fighting on two sides at once. Vic tries just as well stay valuable to the Armenian mafia. Corrine agrees to cooperate with Claudette and Dutch. Vic finds out that Corrine betrays him. Shane and his family are hiding from the police. Aсeveda gets in trouble from his rival mayoral candidate.

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