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The Simpsons season 13

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The Simpsons season 13 poster
22 episodes (2039 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Harry Shearer, Hank Azaria, Pamela Hayden, Joe Mantegna
Genre:Comedy, Family
8.9/10(24136 votes)

The Simpsons season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Treehouse of Horror XII (air date: 2001-11-06)

"Treehouse of Horror XII" includes Pierce Brosnan as the voice of a computerized house that falls for Marge; a Gypsy's curse bringing bad luck to Homer's loved ones; and Bart and Lisa as competing wizards, with Bart enlisting help from a dark source.

Episode #2: The Parent Rap (air date: 2001-11-11)

Bart is tethered to Homer as punishment for stealing a police cruiser. Blackboard 'Nobody reads these anymore!'.

Episode #3: Homer the Moe (air date: 2001-11-18)

Moe gets more depressed than usual and renovates his tavern. He then kicks the old gang out and Homer opens a bar in his garage so the gang can have a place to hang out and fit in.

Episode #4: Hunka Hunka Burns in Love (air date: 2001-12-02)

Homer is hired to write fortunes for fortune cookies, one of them changes Mr. Burn's life. Homer helps Mr. Burns with his dating.

Episode #5: The Blunder Years (air date: 2001-12-09)

Marge becomes obsessed with a brand of paper towels and Homer pulls a gag on her. To make up for it, Homer takes her out, gets hypnotized and regresses to a childhood fear and starts screaming and does not stop until the source of the fear is drawn out of him.

Episode #6: She of Little Faith (air date: 2001-12-16)

In this Christmas episode, Richard Gere offers Buddhist teachings to Lisa after she leaves her church because of Mr. Burns' tacky fund-raising efforts, which include commercials (during sermons) and podium-placed ads.

Episode #7: Brawl in the Family (air date: 2002-01-06)

Grampa comes to Homer's rescue after Ned and His Vegas wives show up at the house.

Episode #8: Sweets and Sour Marge (air date: 2002-01-20)

Ben Stiller plays a sugar company's CEO who draws Marge's ire after Springfield is declared the "World's Fattest Town."

Episode #9: Jaws Wired Shut (air date: 2002-01-27)

When Homer accidentally breaks his jaw, he has to have it wired shut and can not talk. He learns to become the good listener that Marge has wanted.

Episode #10: Half-Decent Proposal (air date: 2002-02-10)

Now fabulously wealthy, Marge's grabby prom date Artie Ziff offers a million dollars for a weekend with her that, he says, will have "no funny stuff." The Simpsons agree when they realize the money will help their marriage---by paying for an operation that will cure Homer's snoring.

Episode #11: The Bart Wants What It Wants (air date: 2002-02-17)

Bart ends up becoming close friends with Greta Wolfecastle after a fun fair and he has a blind eye to her feelings about him.

Episode #12: The Lastest Gun in the West (air date: 2002-02-24)

Bart and Lisa try to help an old cowboy actor, who yearns to reclaim his past fame by getting him booked on the Krusty the Clown show.

Episode #13: The Old Man and the Key (air date: 2002-03-10)

Grampa Simpson regains his driver's license to woo a new woman but is goaded into a race by senior punks.

Episode #14: Tales from the Public Domain (air date: 2002-03-17)

Homer discovers a library book he checked out when Bart was born and Lisa suggests that he read aloud from it.

Episode #15: Blame It on Lisa (air date: 2002-03-31)

Homer refuses to pay a really high phone bill then their service is shut off. The family travels to Rio De Janeiro to see Lisa's sponsored orphan.

Episode #16: Weekend at Burnsies (air date: 2002-04-07)

Homer uses medicinal marijuana to relieve pain from eye injuries he suffered when attacked by crows.

Episode #17: Gump Roast (air date: 2002-04-21)

The Springfield Friars Club roasts Homer, with emcee Krusty the Clown introducing friends, family and their memories from past episodes.

Episode #18: I Am Furious Yellow (air date: 2002-04-28)

Encouraged by comic-book guru Stan Lee (in a cameo), Bart creates a strip about Homer that gets onto the Internet.

Episode #19: The Sweetest Apu (air date: 2002-05-05)

Homer accidentally walks in on Apu when he is cheating on his wife at the Kwiki Mart.

Episode #20: Little Girl in the Big Ten (air date: 2002-05-12)

Lisa becomes friends with college girls who are unaware of her age. Bart is bitten by a Chinese mosquito and must live in a bubble. Bart and Lisa also share a special moment.

Episode #21: Frying Game (air date: 2002-05-19)

Homer's community service for threatening an endangered species involves helping a kindly senior, who meets an untimely death.

Episode #22: Papa's Got a Brand New Badge (air date: 2002-05-22)

Homer starts a security company that ultimately replaces the cops---and runs afoul of mobster Fat Tony

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