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The Streets Of San Francisco season 2

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23 episodes (234 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Karl Malden, Michael Douglas, Darleen Carr, Richard Hatch Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.1 (9 votes)

The Streets Of San Francisco season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: A Wrongful Death (air date: 1973-09-13)

An angry father swears vengeance against Keller, who shot and killed his youngest son while trying to stop a robbery - but the truth is even more devastating.

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Episode #2: Betrayed (air date: 1973-09-20)

A young executive stole money from his company, he then robs a bank to replace it. The robbery goes wrong and a security guard is killer and his live in client happens to be working at the bank that day as a part time teller.

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Episode #3: For the Love of God (air date: 1973-09-27)

In order to stop a psychotic priest killer. Lt. Michael Stone goes undercover as a Roman Catholic Priest. The victims were all Clergymen who studied at the same seminary

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Episode #4: Before I Die (air date: 1973-10-04)

A cop (Nielsen) who finds out that he has a terminal illness, sets out to kill a racketeer (Danton) who had been his quarry for the last year and a half.

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Episode #5: Going Home (air date: 1973-10-11)

A small timer robs a hardware store and after smacking the owner finds the safe open with two bags of money inside. He think he's hit the big time until he finds "the book". Running from both the mob and the police he runs to Alcatraz.

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Episode #6: The Stamp of Death (air date: 1973-10-18)

Lieutenant Stone and Inspector Keller go after two insurance agents involved in the counterfeiting of an 1850 2 cent purple Guyana stamp which had a value of $250,000.($1,000,000) in todays market.

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Episode #7: Harem (air date: 1973-10-25)

Stone's daughter helps him break up a murderous prostitution ring. An unusual episode because of the appearance of Darleen Carr, who plays Stone's daughter, Jeannie.

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Episode #8: No Badge For Benjy (air date: 1973-11-01)

A police informant is murdered, and his flinty daughter forces the police to go after his killers.

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Episode #9: The Twenty-Four Karat Plague (air date: 1973-11-08)

Four men plan to heist radioactive gold over a poker game. Then find out that it is mixed with Uranium.The man smelting and forming the planchets gets radiation poisoning and it goes down hill for them fast.

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Episode #10: Shield of Honor (air date: 1973-11-15)

Detectives Stone and Keller investigate how a contract killer obtained inside information on the movement of a mob witness.

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Episode #11: The Victims (air date: 1973-11-29)

Three escaped convicts leave a path of destruction behind them as well as causing friction between Keller and his girlfriend, Connie.

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Episode #12: The Runaways (air date: 1973-12-06)

Three runaways from Oregon, George, Jack and Sharon Morgan are squatting in an abandoned house. Sharon is very sick, but money is very limited. George decided to break into a local pharmacy after hours to obtain some medicine.

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Episode #13: Winterkill (air date: 1973-12-13)

Angered by the rising cost of health care, an old man tries to pay his friend's bills by threatening a businessman with the bombing of his buildings.

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Episode #14: Most Feared in the Jungle (air date: 1973-12-20)

A single girl named Barbara has a baby and is then told the baby was stillborn. However, she thinks it is alive and starts asking questions at the unwed mothers home where she lived.

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Episode #15: Commitment (air date: 1974-01-03)

accidental or intentional? the killing of a cop by another cop is the theme as one of our ""81"" investigators finds himself being investigated by his own department.

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Episode #16: Chapel of the Damned (air date: 1974-01-17)

Stone and Keller work to crack a kidnap case where the mother is friends with an alleged psychic.

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Episode #17: Blockade (air date: 1974-01-24)

A woman who has dedicated her life to a prominent family fails to see her neglected son has fallen in with a psycho - and may have helped him kill a woman.

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Episode #18: Crossfire (air date: 1974-01-31)

Stone and Keller suspect there is more to a string of college campus shootings than meets the eye.

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Episode #19: A String of Puppets (air date: 1974-02-07)

Det. Keller goes undercover as an ex-con musician to bust a crooked parole officer and his ring of parolees.

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Episode #20: Inferno (air date: 1974-02-14)

Stone looks for the arsonists who set a fire that killed two firemen.

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Episode #21: The Hard Breed (air date: 1974-02-21)

Two "Gunsmoke" writers teamed on this modern-day Western set at a rodeo in San Francisco's Cow Palace. A bronc rider dies in what appears to be an accident. A rodeo clown looks around the scene after the police leave and discovers the rider's rope -- which was cut almost halfway through before it broke, leaving the bronc free to throw him. The police come back to investigate the scene, and before long the chief suspect is also murdered in another "accident."

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Episode #22: Rampage (air date: 1974-02-28)

A team of angry fathers, who are fed up with crime in their neighborhood, take a vigilante approach at solving the problem. During one of their rampages, a police informant is killed and the murder is blamed on the group. The murder leads to a narcotics ring and Stone and Keller have to try to link the crimes together.

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Episode #23: Death and the Favored Few (air date: 1974-03-14)

Stone and Keller investigate the murder of a society publisher whose method was to coerce subscriptions from wealthy clients by blackmailing them. The investigation leads the detective to a wealthy woman and her daughter, who were among the ones being blackmailed and who still have secrets to hide.

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