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The Streets Of San Francisco season 4

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23 episodes (57 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Karl Malden, Michael Douglas, Darleen Carr, Richard Hatch Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

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The Streets Of San Francisco season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Poisoned Snow (air date: 1975-09-11)

Stone and Keller investigate the death of a cop who dies during a drug sting -- and tries to prevent the cop's partner from doing more damage.

Episode #2: The Glass Dart Board (air date: 1975-09-18)

A psycopathic killer uses San Francisco High-rises as target practice.

Episode #3: No Place to Hide (air date: 1975-09-25)

Prison gangs intimidate weaker prisoners into having their wives smuggle drugs into prison -- and kill the wives if they don't. An episode with exceptionally good dialogue.

Episode #4: Men Will Die (air date: 1975-10-02)

After Jeannie's friend Nancy kills one of her rapists, Jeannie is furious at the way the justice system works. She becomes involved with an aggressive rape crisis group headed by crusading attorney Catherine Wyatt. Rapist Jack Marlin becomes a target of their efforts.

Episode #5: School of Fear (air date: 1975-10-09)

Upon learning that a teacher was shot and killed during a student scuffle at a school he once taught at, a retired history teacher (played by Maurice Evans) takes it upon himself to corral a group of his former students and hold them hostage in an empty, condemned school. There, at gunpoint, he proceeds to teach them the finer points of history.

Episode #6: Deadly Silence (air date: 1975-10-16)

Stone is hit by a van, and has to undergo surgery to have his hearing restored.

Episode #7: Murder by Proxy (air date: 1975-10-23)
Episode #8: Trail of Terror (air date: 1975-10-30)

Keller is pursued by killers as he transports a prisoner to jail.

Episode #9: Web of Lies (air date: 1975-11-06)
Episode #10: Dead Air (air date: 1975-11-13)

A radio host is accused of murder when a woman who threatened him dies.

Episode #11: Merchants of Death (air date: 1975-11-20)

Two rival gangs start a turf war with a youth worker (played by Greg Morris) caught in the middle.

Episode #12: The Cat's Paw (air date: 1975-12-04)

Stone conducts a murder/robbery investigation with Inspector Irene Martin.

Episode #13: Spooks for Sale (air date: 1975-12-11)

The death of a night-watchman during a burglary puts Stone and Keller into the midst of a spy-vs.-spy conflict between high-tech industrial espionage firms.

Episode #14: Most Likely to Succeed (air date: 1975-12-18)

Lt. Michael Stone and Inspector Steven Keller investigate a murder committed at a all-boys prep school.

Episode #15: Police Buff (air date: 1976-01-08)

A suspected murderer of a police officer is tried and set free -- and then killed by a vigilante.

Episode #16: The Honorable Profession (air date: 1976-01-15)

Robert Reed plays a ficticious doctor. During Act IV he packs up to leave town. The well-written episode begs the question whether Reed's character did more good than harm posing as a doctor.. Contributor: frank91165, nelsonexpert State: New

Episode #17: Requiem for Murder (air date: 1976-01-22)

A bishop tries to protect the person who shot him.

Episode #18: Underground (air date: 1976-01-29)
Episode #19: Judgment Day (air date: 1976-02-19)

The son of a disbarred lawyer targets ""Bleeding Heart Liberal"" Judges who ruined his fathers career as a lawyer.

Episode #20: Clown of Death (air date: 1976-02-26)

Two retired brothers, both having worked as riggers for circuses many years before, are found murdered while a circus happens to be performing in San Francisco at the Cow Palace.

Episode #21: Superstar (air date: 1976-03-04)

Stone clashes with an abrasive NYC cop who is on the trail of his partner's killer.

Episode #22: Alien Country (air date: 1976-03-11)
Episode #23: Runaway (air date: 1976-03-18)

Stone searches for a fugitive and is dogged by a runaway girl who is the fugitive's daughter.

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