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The Twilight Zone (1985) season 1

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The Twilight Zone (1985) season 1 poster
59 episodes (1765 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Charles Aidman, Robin Ward, Julie Khaner, Richard Mulligan, Roberts Blossom, William Atherton Genre:Drama, Science-Fiction, Suspense Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.6 (17 votes)

The Twilight Zone (1985) season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Shatterday (air date: 1985-09-27)

A man accidentally phones his own home and winds up talking to his alter ego

Episode #2: A Little Peace and Quiet (air date: 1985-09-27)

In a modern remake of the classic episode, "A Kind of a Stopwatch", a woman discovers a necklace that gives its owner the ability to freeze time

Episode #3: Wordplay (air date: 1985-10-04)

An overworked businessman suddenly finds himself left out while the rest of his world speaks in mangled slang.

Episode #4: Dreams for Sale (air date: 1985-10-04)

A woman in the future traps herself in an idyllic, computer-generated fantasy in her mind.

Episode #5: Chameleon (air date: 1985-10-04)

A space shuttle returns from a mission and NASA discovers that something unusual has been picked up.

Episode #6:
Episode #7: Children's Zoo (air date: 1985-10-11)

A little girl's parents are always fighting and screaming at each other. She takes them to the Children's Zoo with a special invitation and she gets something very special, something her parents could not even imagine.

Episode #8: Kentucky Rye (air date: 1985-10-11)

Bob Spindler, a drunk driver, arrives at the "Kentucky Rye" bar where the customers are all victims of drunk drivers.

Episode #9: Little Boy Lost (air date: 1985-10-18)

A photographer torn between taking a plum overseas assignment and getting married, meets a strangely familiar little boy.

Episode #10: Wish Bank (air date: 1985-10-18)

Janice finds a magic lamp at a garage sale. Restrictions and lots of paperwork apply for her three wishes.

Episode #11: Nightcrawlers (air date: 1985-10-18)

A deputy trooper stops by a diner during a rainstorm where a Vietnam veteran's nightmares come to life.

Episode #12: If She Dies (air date: 1985-10-25)

A year after his wife died a man is involved in a car accident that leaves his young daughter in a coma. On his way home the man has a vision.

Episode #13: Ye Gods (air date: 1985-10-25)

Cupid arrives in the modern world. A love spell for his target does not work as well as he hopes.

Episode #14: Examination Day (air date: 1985-11-01)

In the far future, twelve-year-old Dickie must pass the mandatory government intelligence test.

Episode #15: A Message from Charity (air date: 1985-11-01)

A teenage boy with a fever finds himself in telepathic contact with a girl living in colonial New England.

Episode #16: Teacher's Aide (air date: 1985-11-08)

A teacher on a violent and gang infested high school has trouble controlling her students. The building is warded by some mysterious gargoyles, which give some special powers to the teacher.

Episode #17: Paladin of the Lost Hour (air date: 1985-11-08)

A Vietnam Vet named Billy saves an old man named Gasper from a mugging at a cemetery. He discovers that this old man holds the future of time in his watch.

Episode #18: Act Break (air date: 1985-11-15)

A landlord hounds a playwright named Maury for his rent. When the playwright's partner dies of a heart attack, he wishes he could become the greatest playwright ever.

Episode #19: The Burning Man (air date: 1985-11-15)

During a heat wave in the 1930's a mother and her son enjoy a drive in the country. They encounter a strange man who wants a ride.

Episode #20: Dealer's Choice (air date: 1985-11-15)

A group of friends playing cards suspect that their guest is the Devil.

Episode #21: Dead Woman's Shoes (air date: 1985-11-22)

Shy Maddie finds a pair of shoes and after trying them on, is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a rich murdered woman.

Episode #22: Wong's Lost and Found Emporium (air date: 1985-11-22)

David Wong searches for something he lost. He seeks the Lost and Found Emporium where he finds others looking for their lost items.

Episode #23: The Shadow Man (air date: 1985-11-29)

The Shadow Man, a mysterious entity made of darkness, defends a boy in exchange for being allowed to stay under his bed.

Episode #24: The Uncle Devil Show (air date: 1985-11-29)

Parents don't realize that the video their child watches demonstrates magic tricks like turning parents into lizards and giving dogs four eyes.

Episode #25: Opening Day (air date: 1985-11-29)

A beautiful woman and her boyfriend plan to kill her husband on the first day of duck hunting season.

Episode #26: The Beacon (air date: 1985-12-06)

A young doctor stumbles into a strange town where the citizens fear and worship a lighthouse.

Episode #27: One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty (air date: 1985-12-06)

A man who returns to his childhood home is transported to his past.

Episode #28: Her Pilgrim Soul (air date: 1985-12-13)

Two scientists create a holographic projector that has a woman appear in the display.

Episode #29: I of Newton (air date: 1985-12-13)

A professor attempting to solve a difficult math problem finds himself matching wits with a demon.

Episode #30: Night of the Meek (air date: 1985-12-20)

A drunken storefront Santa is terminally depressed by the many children who go gift less and starving during Christmas. He is fired from his job at a department store when he shows up late, and subsequently finds a bag that he can pull any present anyone wants from it.

Episode #31: But Can She Type? (air date: 1985-12-20)

An overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated secretary uses a Xerox machine and wakes up in a parallel reality where no one has heard of her.

Episode #32: The Star (air date: 1985-12-20)

Onboard a spaceship an astrophysicist and a priest learn they have discovered a planet long dead and a transmitter emitting a signal for eons.

Episode #33: Still Life (air date: 1986-01-03)

A professional photographer discovers an old camera containing mysterious photos of a long-ago expedition.

Episode #34: The Little People of Killany Woods (air date: 1986-01-03)

An old Irishman has often been called a fool for his stories about Leprechauns.

Episode #35: The Misfortune Cookie (air date: 1986-01-03)

A food critic receives fortune cookie messages that get fulfilled.

Episode #36: Monsters! (air date: 1986-01-24)

A boy who loves monster movies has a strange neighbor move in.

Episode #37: A Small Talent For War (air date: 1986-01-24)

An alien race that claimed to have invented mankind returns to judge them.

Episode #38: A Matter of Minutes (air date: 1986-01-24)

A young married couple discovers that their home is being remodeled by blue-clad workers who are workers of time that build and move objects from one time period to another.

Episode #39: The Elevator (air date: 1986-01-31)

Two brothers searching for their father discover a factory full of giant animal bodies.

Episode #40: To See the Invisible Man (air date: 1986-01-31)

An uncaring man is sentenced to a year of social isolation.

Episode #41: Tooth and Consequences (air date: 1986-01-31)

The Tooth Fairy gives a dentist what he wishes for.

Episode #42: Welcome to Winfield (air date: 1986-02-07)

The grim reaper arrives at a hospital to take possession of a dying man. The man's wife rescues him and takes him to the western town of Winfield where residents have been living for hundreds of years. Apparently, the reaper has failed to collect those living there.

Episode #43: Quarantine (air date: 1986-02-07)

An ill weapons designer is cryogenically frozen and awakened three centuries later..

Episode #44: Gramma (air date: 1986-02-14)

A young boy is convinced his ailing grandmother is really a monster.

Episode #45: Personal Demons (air date: 1986-02-14)

A scriptwriter suffering from writers block is tormented by a group of small creatures.

Episode #46: Cold Reading (air date: 1986-02-14)

An actor arrives at a radio station to perform a radio play. An old voodoo stick is accidentally activated and the play becomes more real that anything anyone expected.

Episode #47: The Leprechaun Artist (air date: 1986-02-21)

Vacationing in the United States, an Irish leprechaun is caught by three boys. To be freed, he must grant them three wishes.

Episode #48: Dead Run (air date: 1986-02-21)

An out-of-work trucker takes on a bizarre job upon the recommendation of a friend: deliveryman of souls to Hell.

Episode #49: Profile in Silver (air date: 1986-03-07)

A researcher from the future, a descendent of President John F. Kennedy goes back in time to witness his ancestor's death.

Episode #50: Button, Button (air date: 1986-03-07)

A mysterious man offers a couple a bizarre deal: if they will push a button on a box that will kill one person they don't know, they will get a million dollars.

Episode #51: Need to Know (air date: 1986-03-21)

A government scientist/agent sent to a small town to help investigate a bizarre outbreak of insanity which is spreading through the town.

Episode #52: Red Snow (air date: 1986-03-21)

A KGB investigator is sent to Siberia to investigate the deaths of communist party officials.

Episode #53: Take My Life... Please! (air date: 1986-03-28)

A successful comedianwho steals a routine from another comedian ends up paying a high price.

Episode #54: Devil's Alphabet (air date: 1986-03-28)

A group of friends in Victorian England find themselves haunted by an oath they took as young men.

Episode #55: The Library (air date: 1986-03-28)

Landing a new job at a private library a girl is warned never to look at the books. Taking a peek she learns that there's a book for everyone alive. When a neighbor pesters her, she rewrites his biography.

Episode #56: Shadow Play (air date: 1986-04-04)

A man is convinced that reality as we perceive it is dependent on his staying alive.

Episode #57: Grace Note (air date: 1986-04-04)

An opera singer is having a hard time. Her sister is at the hospital dying. Her sick sister leaves a gift: a glimpse into the future when the singer is a world-famous star.

Episode #58: A Day in Beaumont (air date: 1986-04-11)

In the 1950s a flying saucer crashes on Earth. The crash is seen by a couple. They run into town, but no one believes them.

Episode #59: The Last Defender of Camelot (air date: 1986-04-11)

In modern-day England, the last of King Arthur's knights teams with Morgan le Fay to stop the return of Merlin.

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