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The Twilight Zone (1985) season 3

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The Twilight Zone (1985) season 3 poster
30 episodes (1750 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Charles Aidman, Robin Ward, Julie Khaner, Richard Mulligan, Roberts Blossom, William Atherton Genre:Drama, Science-Fiction, Suspense Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.6 (17 votes)

The Twilight Zone (1985) season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon (air date: 1988-09-24)

An old man known as Uncle Edgar is ordered by a mysterious voice to collect junk in his apartment to keep the world in balance.

Episode #2: Extra Innings (air date: 1988-10-01)

Ex-baseball player Ed Hamler, lame from an injury and forced to retire early, is given a baseball card from the early 1900s that transports Hamler to the past to be the player he used to be.

Episode #3: The Crossing (air date: 1988-10-08)

A stressed-out priest repeatedly encounters a station wagon containing a young girl. The car keeps crashing and bursting into flames.

Episode #4: The Hunters (air date: 1988-10-15)

A young boy falls into an undiscovered cave near a housing project. An archeologist studies strange paintings on its walls and then bizarre things begin to happen. Cave items move around and animals are killed and brought into the cave.

Episode #5: Dream Me a Life (air date: 1988-10-22)

A man in a retirement home is trapped in the dreams of a catatonic widow.

Episode #6: Memories (air date: 1988-10-29)

A hypnotist who specializes in helping people relive their past lives tries to find her own history - and finds that everyone she ever helped hates their past lives..

Episode #7: The Hellgramite Method (air date: 1988-11-05)

An alcoholic goes through an extremely painful and potentially deadly cure for his drinking problem. He has to choose which is more important - the bottle or his life.

Episode #8: Our Selena is Dying (air date: 1988-11-12)

A young woman and her dying mother switch bodies during a visit.

Episode #9: The Call (air date: 1988-11-19)

A lonely man accidentally phones the wrong number and finds an intriguing female to whom he grows attached. When she refuses to meet him, he investigates and finds the phone in a museum next to the statue of a woman.

Episode #10: The Trance (air date: 1988-11-26)

A scam artist purports to channel the spirit of Delos, a former inhabitant of Atlantis. Together with a partner, he makes a living off of it. The day of his big break, he channels another spirit, one who could cause him to lose everything.

Episode #11: Acts of Terror (air date: 1988-12-03)

A battered wife living with her abusive husband finds the strength to leave him in the form of a Doberman pinscher statue.

Episode #12: 20/20 Vision (air date: 1988-12-10)

Newly promoted bank loan officer Warren Cribbens cracks his eyeglasses and discovers he can see the future through them. Faced with seeing the future of the farmers whose farms he must foreclose on, Warren can't bring himself to foreclose. Right away he's torn between doing his job and standing up for the people he helps.

Episode #13: There Was an Old Woman (air date: 1988-12-17)

A famous children's book writer visits a sick boy and reads him one of her stories. Later, at home, she is disturbed by children's voices throughout her house and learns from his parents that the boy has died.

Episode #14: The Trunk (air date: 1988-12-24)

A young man at a motel discovers an empty trunk that grants any wishes. He uses it for popularity, but at a party he discovers who his true friends are.

Episode #15: Appointment on Route 17 (air date: 1988-12-31)

After finishing a heart transplant, a man finds his personality has changed. He also discovers that he has a strange attraction to a waitress at a road diner.

Episode #16: The Cold Equations (air date: 1989-01-07)

A shuttle pilot on the outer fringes of space finds a stowaway on board his ship. Because of the extra weight, he does not have enough fuel for his journey and faces a dilemma forcing him to consider jettisoning her into space.

Episode #17: Stranger in Possum Meadows (air date: 1989-01-14)

A young boy playing in a field meets an old man who is really an alien collecting specimens to bring back to his planet.

Episode #18: Street of Shadows (air date: 1989-01-21)

Walking taking a walk in a wealthy neighborhood an unemployed man living in a shelter experiences an unusual transformation.

Episode #19: Something in the Walls (air date: 1989-01-28)

A doctor arrives at his new job in a sanitarium. He discovers the case of a woman who is terribly frightened of things that appear on her walls.

Episode #20: A Game of Pool (air date: 1989-12-31)

A pool champion has defeated everyone at his local pool hall, except for the long dead legend, Fats Brown, who returns from the afterlife to challenge him to a high-stakes game.

Episode #21: The Wall (air date: 1989-02-25)

A U.S. military experiment opens a portal to an unknown place. After sending through one team, the Army calls upon a career soldier to investigate, where he finds an idyllic planet. He has to decide whether to stay or go back to his old life.

Episode #22: Room 2426 (air date: 1989-02-11)

Martin Decker is confined to a special room for acts and thoughts against the state. They want the formula for a weapon he does not want to reveal. Escape for Martin comes from the mind.

Episode #23: The Mind of Simon Foster (air date: 1989-02-18)

In an impoverished future, Simon Foster goes to a pawnshop to sell some personal items to raise money for rent. The shop owner offers to buy some of his memories. In Simon Foster's life, what could be possibly be valuable?

Episode #24: Cat and Mouse (air date: 1989-03-04)

A shy woman finds that a cat is actually a cursed "Casanova". She falls for the man but finds that her Prince Charming is actually a scoundrel.

Episode #25: Rendezvous in a Dark Place (air date: 1989-03-12)

An old woman with an obsession with death attends funerals for entertainment. One night when an injured thief breaks into her home, she lets him die and waits for Death to come and collect him.

Episode #26: Many, Many Monkeys (air date: 1989-03-18)

An epidemic breaks out and many people are struck blind. Something more happens, however: People have become cold and heartless toward each other.

Episode #27: Love is Blind (air date: 1989-03-25)

In a bar, a very mysterious blind man plays the piano, and gives some very special advice to a jealous boyfriend.

Episode #28: Crazy as a Soup Sandwich (air date: 1989-04-01)

A man sells his soul to a demon for some racing tips. After being terrified by the demon he goes for help from the criminal boss he borrowed the track money from.

Episode #29: Special Service (air date: 1989-04-08)

A man finds that his life has been on TV for the past five years.

Episode #30: Father & Son Game (air date: 1989-04-15)

A 79-year-old man wants to keep on living so he transplants his brain into a younger body. His son, however, resents his father's continued life and tries to wrestle power from him.

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