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The Walking Dead season 7

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The Walking Dead season 7 poster
17 episodes (60358 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Tom Payne, Khary Payton, Ross Marquand, Katelyn Nacon, Pollyanna McIntosh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh McDermitt, Austin Amelio, Steven Ogg, Austin Nichols, Tyler James Williams, Michael Cudlitz, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Dallas Roberts, Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, David Morrissey, Michael Rooker, Scott Wilson, Irone Singleton, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Lennie James, Chandler Riggs, Emily Kinney, Emma Bell
9.0/10(1500 votes)

Represented most terrible post-apocalyptic motion picture, a long iron will charge viewers a shot of adrenaline and take dream. In fact, the events of the series, continue to develop in the near future. At that time, the common people enjoy the current life, the secret group of scientists, on the orders of the brutal power, invented bomb. Standing on a post of power, lust for gain weapons of mass destruction, a virus that can sweep away everything in its path without the use of weapons. In the meantime, the real evil and only waited for the stupid people doing their first steps fall into the trap network. When prompted, first steps and results of the work of scientists, the absolute evil, beginning to act on their goals. As a result, there was a loss of a deadly virus. Of course, scientists who invented this virus, the first to come under its effect. The virus does not stop there and was looking for new victims light. Under his influence got the power, as well as ordinary civilians. But the worst thing is when all the dead have begun to revive. Now, the surviving humans, not to be envied. What will happen to them on the field of battle with the bloodthirsty monsters, and if they manage to save their lives? To cope with this problem will be really difficult.

The Walking Dead season 7 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: 2016-08-15)
Episode #1: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be (air date: 2016-10-23)

Last season ended with Rick and our group kneeling helplessly before Negan and his group; what Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.

Episode #2: The Well (air date: 2016-10-30)

For a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.

Episode #3: The Cell (air date: 2016-11-06)

A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price.

Episode #4: Service (air date: 2016-11-13)

The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit.

Episode #5: Go Getters (air date: 2016-11-20)

Saddled with grief and surrounded by enemies, members of the group try to find safety at the Hilltop before it's too late.

360p (mp4 452.0 MB)
Episode #6: Swear (air date: 2016-11-27)

Someone stumbles upon a new society unlike anything seen before.

360p (mp4 540.6 MB)
Episode #7: Sing Me a Song (air date: 2016-12-04)

A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.

360p (mp4 642.3 MB)
Episode #8: Hearts Still Beating (air date: 2016-12-11)

Negan's unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies; things quickly spin out of control.

Episode #9: Rock in the Road (air date: 2017-02-12)

Rick and the group are led to a new community where they are introduced to its inhabitants and ruler. A familiar face resurfaces.

360p (mp4 338.4 MB)
Episode #10: New Best Friends (air date: 2017-02-19)

While searching for a missing Alexandrian, Rick and his group encounter a mysterious collective, its inhabitants unlike any they have come across.

360p (mp4 294.8 MB)
Episode #11: Hostiles and Calamities (air date: 2017-02-26)

An Alexandrian discovers they must navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world within the Saviors' compound.

360p (mp4 398.2 MB)
Episode #12: Say Yes (air date: 2017-03-05)

The group scavenges for supplies. Back in Alexandria, someone must make a morally challenging decision.

360p (mp4 352.0 MB)
Episode #13: Bury Me Here (air date: 2017-03-12)

Things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.

360p (mp4 389.5 MB)
Episode #14: The Other Side (air date: 2017-03-19)

The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone with plans of taking more than supplies.

360p (mp4 331.1 MB)
Episode #15: Something They Need (air date: 2017-03-26)

A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey to a distant community and one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision.

360p (mp4 275.7 MB)
Episode #16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (air date: 2017-04-02)

In the season finale, the stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories from the season clash while the group enacts an intricate plan.

360p (mp4 235.7 MB)

The Walking Dead season 7 promo

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