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The West Wing season 1

The West Wing season 1 poster
22 episodes (3844 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, John Spencer, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, Dulé Hill, NiCole Robinson, Melissa Fitzgerald, Rob Lowe, Joshua Malina, Stockard Channing, Kim Webster, Mary McCormack, Jimmy Smits, Kristin Chenoweth, Lily Tomlin, Kathryn Joosten, Alan Alda, Elisabeth Moss, Moira Kelly, Gary Cole
9.5/10(3057 votes)

The tv series “West Wing” tells us the story about the lives of employees and residents of the White House. We will see working day of president of America and all of its employees. Events of the show slightly open the veil of secrecy about how important person in the country make key decisions for the country and their daily work, which in some cases, not quite bring the expected result. We’ll see how they winnings and losses. “The West Wing” is an American television series created by Aaron Sorkin and who went on TV NBC from 1999 to 2006. On account of the crew and actors “West Wing” – two “Golden Globe” and 26 “Emmy”, including the “Best Drama Series”.

The West Wing season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 1999-09-22)

We meet the lead characters: press secretary, etc.The president has injured his ankle in a minor bicycle accident. Sam meets a beautiful woman, not realizing she's a hooker.

Episode #2: Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (air date: 1999-09-29)
Episode #3: A Proportional Response (air date: 1999-10-06)

After a passenger plane is downed by Syrian forces, the President meets with the Joint Chiefs to determine the best course of action. Sam discusses his recently acquired friend with CJ, who tries to protect him. And Josh interviews a new aide for the President, Charlie. Leo takes 5 minutes to calm the President down prior to his Address to the Nation.

Episode #4: Five Votes Down (air date: 1999-10-13)

The week of a crucial gun control vote, the staff gets word that 5 votes have flipped. All resources are used to get them back. Meanwhile, Leo faces a huge personal challenge, and an adversary becomes an unlikely friend. The President has a bad day with his back, and his prescription medications throw him for a loop. Meanwhile, the staff is under for the annual economic scrutiny, and there are some items for which an answer is needed.

Episode #5: The Crackpots and These Women (air date: 1999-10-20)

Josh is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it causes more anguish than comfort. Leo has one annual day when any special interest group can visit with any top staffer to promote their cause; Sam get a UFO group, and CJ is approached by wildlife activists. Toby and the President butt heads about policy during a press conference rehearsal.

Episode #6: Mr. Willis of Ohio (air date: 1999-11-03)
Episode #7: The State Dinner (air date: 1999-11-10)
Episode #8: Enemies (air date: 1999-11-17)
Episode #9: The Short List (air date: 1999-11-24)
Episode #10: In Excelsis Deo (air date: 1999-12-15)
Episode #11: Lord John Marbury (air date: 2000-01-05)
Episode #12: He Shall, from Time to Time (air date: 2000-01-12)
Episode #13: Take Out the Trash Day (air date: 2000-01-26)
Episode #14: Take This Sabbath Day (air date: 2000-02-09)

All the staffers have a moment of conscience when the President is asked to spare a man from execution.Toby speaks to his rabbi, and the President seeks advice from a Quaker and a priest. Marlee Matlin has a guest appearance.

Episode #15: Celestial Navigation (air date: 2000-02-16)

Josh is invited to be the guest speaker at an (apparent) college theater; he is asked to relate a typical day at the White House, while still being notified of a current difficult situation. Josh recounts an angry outburst by the head of HUD and his own sarcastic response in a press briefing, as CJ had a dental emergency and is unable to speak clearly.Toby handles the difficult situation expertly.

Episode #16: 20 Hours in L.A. (air date: 2000-02-23)
Episode #17: The White House Pro-Am (air date: 2000-03-22)
Episode #18: Six Meetings Before Lunch (air date: 2000-04-05)
Episode #19: Let Bartlet Be Bartlet (air date: 2000-04-26)
Episode #20: Mandatory Minimums (air date: 2000-05-03)
Episode #21: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (air date: 2000-05-10)
Episode #22: What Kind of Day Has It Been? (air date: 2000-05-17)
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Episode #0

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