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The West Wing season 6

The West Wing season 6 poster
22 episodes (1145 views)
Air weekdate:Sunday
Cast:Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, John Spencer, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, Dulé Hill, NiCole Robinson, Melissa Fitzgerald, Rob Lowe, Joshua Malina, Stockard Channing, Kim Webster, Mary McCormack, Jimmy Smits, Kristin Chenoweth, Lily Tomlin, Kathryn Joosten, Alan Alda, Elisabeth Moss, Moira Kelly, Gary Cole
9.5/10(3057 votes)

The West Wing season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: NSF Thurmont (air date: 2004-10-20)

With Palestinian leaders surrounded in their compound, Israel is willing to sit down with the US and moderate Palestinians to discuss a peaceful solution to the latest outbreak of fighting. Surprising everyone, however, the Palestinians publicly thank the US for inviting them to the negotiation table. Also, Donna is rushed into surgery for a pulmonary embolism.

Episode #2: The Birnam Wood (air date: 2004-10-27)

Bartlet has convinced Israel and Palestine to visit Camp David for a round of peace negotiations. Leo stays back in order to give the official okay to strike the Ein Hawa terrorist training camp in Syria.

Episode #3: Third-Day Story (air date: 2004-11-03)

Before signing the peace accord, Bartlet tells his staff to go after the support of the House and the U.N. Josh and Toby are assigned the task of getting congressional support. Meanwhile, CJ works to confirm international support with the U.N. Security Council. Donna returns to work and Charlie resists taking a college swimming exam that would allow him to graduate.

Episode #4: Liftoff (air date: 2004-11-10)

The Bartlet Administration must devise a plan of action when an emissary from the Republic of Georgia walks into the White House and offers them weapons-grade uranium that's in a research reactor the Russians left behind when they pulled out of Georgia. Meanwhile, Josh goes looking for support of the tax cut from the DCCC and along the way meets with Matthew Santos, a bright and enigmatic congressman from Texas.

Episode #5: The Hubbert Peak (air date: 2004-11-17)

Josh test drives an oversized SUV and crashes into a hybrid car resulting in bad publicity for The White House. Annabeth, the new Press Secretary, has been on the job for only a week and is preparing to face the press corps for the first time. Toby is concerned that she looks too young and may not be prepared for their probing questions.

Episode #6: The Dover Test (air date: 2004-11-24)

The US Peacekeeping compound is attacked and American soldiers are killed. As the White House struggles to contain the story, the father of one of the slain soldiers speaks out against the mission. Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman Santos attaches his Patients Bill of Rights to a Republican piece of legislation and effectively keeps the Democratic elements while maintaining a Republican agenda. Also, Leo gets a lesson in life and business from his nurse.

Episode #7: A Change Is Gonna Come (air date: 2004-12-01)

Final preparation goes into President Bartlet's visit to China when he accepts a flag from the Taiwanese delegation representing the Taiwanese Independence Movement, prompting China to prepare for military action.

Episode #8: In the Room (air date: 2004-12-08)

At a Bartlet family birthday, Penn and Teller burn an American flag in the White House, prompting a political and publicity nightmare. Aboard Air Force One, Bartlet is stricken by a paralyzing episode of MS. Josh is approached to run the Vice President's presidential campaign.

Episode #9: Impact Winter (air date: 2004-12-15)

As Bartlet and his staff arrive in China for a critical summit, he is still suffering from the paralyzing side-effects of MS. Meanwhile, an asteroid is headed for the U.S., leaving Josh and Leo to deal with the potential consequences.

Episode #10: Faith Based Initiative (air date: 2005-01-05)

The internet press is running with a story that questions CJ's sexual orientation. CJ refuses to put out a statement, which only makes the media press harder. The effects of MS are becoming more pronounced on President Bartlet. Meanwhile, Santos declares that he will run for President but only if Josh will run his campaign.

Episode #11: Opposition Research (air date: 2005-01-12)

Josh goes to New Hampshire with Santos to set up their campaign headquarters. From the very beginning, there are problems with setting up the office in an abandoned shack and personal differences about the campaign's goals are immediately evident. Meanwhile, as Donna and Will work together on Russell's campaign, Will makes it clear to Donna that in order for their partnership to work, she needs to acknowledge that Josh is gone.

Episode #12: 365 Days (air date: 2005-01-19)

It's the day after the State of the Union and there's no time to rest.The staff is busy dealing with emrgency situations while Leo starts his first day in his new position by watching old State of the Union addresses to find inspiration. Kate spends her day working on a situation in Bolivia; CJ on a situation in North Korea; Toby on unemployment.

Episode #13: King Corn (air date: 2005-01-26)

Vice President Russell is the first to give his speech at the Iowa Corn Growers' Expo. Matthew Santos and Arnold Vinick follow and the differences in these candidates become very clear. Josh struggles to understand how he can possibly guide Santos in this race.

Episode #14: The Wake Up Call (air date: 2005-02-09)
Episode #15: Freedonia (air date: 2005-02-16)
Episode #16: Drought Conditions (air date: 2005-02-23)
Episode #17: A Good Day (air date: 2005-03-02)
Episode #18: La Palabra (air date: 2005-03-09)
Episode #19: Ninety Miles Away (air date: 2005-03-16)
Episode #20: In God We Trust (air date: 2005-03-23)
Episode #21: Things Fall Apart (air date: 2005-03-30)
Episode #22: 2162 Votes (air date: 2005-04-06)

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