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Torchwood season 3

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Torchwood season 3 poster
5 episodes (1734 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:Kai Owen, Mekhi Phifer, Burn Gorman, Rik Makarem, Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd, John Barrowman, Lauren Ambrose, Bill Pullman, Alexa Havins, Eve Myles
8.4/10(4649 votes)

Torchwood season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Day One (air date: 2009-07-06)

An ordinary day becomes a world of terror as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to the governments of Earth: 'We are coming'. As a trap closes around Captain Jack, sins of the past return, as long-forgotten events from 1965 threaten to reveal an awful truth.

Episode #2: Day Two (air date: 2009-07-07)

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, only Lois holds the key to Torchwood's salvation - but she is helpless as her superiors make plans for the mysterious Floor 13.

Episode #3: Day Three (air date: 2009-07-08)

The eyes of the world turn to Britain, as the 456 announce, 'We are here'. As a pillar of fire descends upon London, the members of Torchwood must battle to protect their own families, as the fight gets personal. But will Clem's memories destroy everything?

Episode #4: Day Four (air date: 2009-07-09)

Torchwood finally learns the truth about the events of 1965. Britain is in danger of becoming a rogue state, and everything now pivots around John Frobisher, as the ambassador of the 456 destroys its old allegiances and reveals its true intent.

Episode #5: Day Five (air date: 2009-07-10)

Torchwood is defenceless and Gwen Cooper stands alone as the final sanction begins. As violence erupts and the world descends into anarchy, an ordinary council estate becomes a battleground where the future of the human race will be decided.

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