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Tosh 0 season 6

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30 episodes (402 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Daniel Tosh Genre:Comedy Channel:Comedy Central (US) Status:Continuing

8.6 (49 votes)

Tosh 0 season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: We Buy Golf (air date: 2014-02-18)

Daniel brings back Sports or Consequences; clears up the mystery of who his father is; the sexiest Web redemption ever.

Episode #2: Ice JJ Fish (air date: 2014-02-25)

Daniel takes girl out on a date; Daniel gives his car away; singer Ice JJ Fish gets a Web redemption.

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Episode #3: Take No Orders (air date: 2014-03-04)

Daniel attempts to turn every home in America into a public restroom; plays a game the censors will hate; a guy who doesn't take direction from women gets a Web redemption.

Episode #4: Ben's Video Resume (air date: 2014-03-11)

Daniel speaks to Congress and has lunch with a homeless man; a child forced to enter the workforce gets a Web redemption.

Episode #5: Boomer the Dog (air date: 2014-03-18)

Daniel hires the web's most offensive attorney, plays the most disturbing game of pin the tail on the donkey ever seen, and dog trapped in man's body gets a web redemption.

Episode #6: Model Teacher (air date: 2014-03-25)

Daniel makes the audience drink something he made from a toilet; overpriced headphones; a teacher gets a Web redemption.

Episode #7: Prancing Elites (air date: 2014-04-01)

Daniel rids the world of homophobia with the Prancing Elites; turns your horrific tweets into a book for children; touches one lucky fan emotionally.

Episode #8: Comedian Daniel Songer (air date: 2014-04-08)

Daniel shows why you should never take your girlfriend to a ball game; a 49-year-old up-and-coming comic gets a Web redemption.

Episode #9: Missed Every Layup (air date: 2014-04-15)

Daniel sees how much citrus the human eye can withstand; a man is taught how to play basketball.

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Episode #10: Roof Jump (air date: 2014-04-22)

Daniel makes the hashtag game more interesting; chats with the happiest and creepiest guy in Los Angeles; a girl who wants the internet to pay for her injuries gets a Web redemption.

Episode #11: Spoken Word Fail (air date: 2014-04-29)

Daniel helps a religious rapper reclaim his throne; Daniel explains why there's no such thing as stupid questions (just stupid girls); smokes pot.

Episode #12: Banned From Walmart (air date: 2014-05-06)

Daniel throws shoes at women; Daniel's intimate conversations get leaked to the press; the cheapest man in America gets a Web redemption.

Episode #13: Nana Nana Subaru Winner (air date: 2014-05-13)

Daniel reveals who will get his old Subaru; shows why it's never safe to pass out at his home.

Episode #14: Space Shuttle Launch (air date: 2014-05-20)

Daniel buries shovel girl; fans dispense ''Twisdom'' to the class of 2014; a guy who lost the space race gets a web redemption.

Episode #15: Perfect Game Bowler (air date: 2014-05-27)

Daniel webchats with a goat, and a bowler who got screwed out of a perfect game gets a web redemption.

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Episode #16: Summertime Is Great (air date: 2014-08-26)

Daniel celebrates the end of vacation by redeeming an embarrassing family; Daniel goes all out on some bail jumpers; Daniel reveals his most erotic wardrobe to date.

Episode #17: Lingerie Football Coach (air date: 2014-09-02)

Daniel meets the only man in the world who cares about women's sports; a cutter in the office; a celebration of the return of Is It Racist?

Episode #18: Bryan Silva (GRATATA) (air date: 2014-09-09)

A couple gets handsy at their local McDonald's, Daniel hangs out with Bryan Silva on his yachtata, and Tosh.0's male fans send in nude photos of themselves.

Episode #19: Dog Trainer (air date: 2014-09-16)

Daniel offers up some life hacks, enjoys the last barbecue of the summer season and gives Brooklyn's baddest dog expert a web redemption.

Episode #20: Dumped By Sweetheart (air date: 2014-09-23)

Daniel turns himself into a human tornado, a brokenhearted teenager gets catfished, and an unexpected threesome participant talks about how it went.

Episode #21: Weightlifting (air date: 2014-09-30)

The world’s worst weightlifters get a Web Redemption, Daniel plays a round of Is It Racist?, and Tosh.0 fans destroy their property.

Episode #22: Big Brother (air date: 2014-10-07)

Daniel becomes a big brother for a day and invites kids to ask him questions. A rocking horse bucks its rider, and a little girl proves to have a very strong grip.

Episode #23: Redneck Rappers (air date: 2014-10-14)

Two barely literate rappers try to rhyme; football coach Lane Kiffin fails again; Daniel explores the sensual side of escalators.

Episode #24: Where Are They Now (Again)? (air date: 2014-10-21)

Daniel checks up on the subjects of past Web Redemptions, a driver hits a little girl riding her bike, and Daniel introduces the Tosh.0 credit card.

Episode #25: Kayak (air date: 2014-10-28)

Andy Kindler rants about fall TV, a redhead loses control of his kayak, and Daniel's fans try to scare him on Twitter.

Episode #26: Date Camp (air date: 2014-11-04)

Daniel gets tips on intimacy; and calls for an end to the disrespect of women.

Episode #27: Gay Restaurant (air date: 2014-11-11)

A gay couple banned from a homophobic restaurant gets a Web Redemption, a Tosh.0 rip-off gets exposed, and Daniel learns the true meaning of irony.

Episode #28: Wheel of Fortune (air date: 2014-11-18)

A man has sex with a pillow, a Cowboys fan throws a violent tantrum, and Daniel premieres "House Hunters: The Musical."

Episode #29: Black Santa (air date: 2014-11-25)

On a special Christmas edition of Tosh.0, Mrs. Claus shows off her sexy side, a mob gets into the Black Friday spirit, and Daniel shows how to create a beef baby.

Episode #30: Best of Season 6 (air date: 2014-12-02)

In the Season 6 finale, Daniel goes future tripping with Doug Stanhope; and crashes a sleazy engagement party. Also: a look back at 2014's most awful moments.

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