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Transformers: Cyberverse season 1

Transformers: Cyberverse season 1 poster
18 episodes (415 views)
Air weekdate:Saturday
Cast:Jake Tillman, Jeremy Levy, Sophia Isabella, Billy Bob Thompson, Ryan Andes
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Bumblebee is on the critical mission when lives are at stake. But he does not remember what it is. It is good his best friend Windblade helped to repair his damaged memory chips. Every repaired chip makes Bumblebee to reopen his past adventures on Cybertron right before the arrival to Earth. He has fun recalling the happy moments when he played Cybertron sports with his friends. His past will turn him into a hero that we know today.

Transformers: Cyberverse season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Fractured (air date: 2018-09-01)

Windblade arrives on Earth before the Decepticons and meets her old friend Bumblebee who has no idea who she is.

Episode #2: Memory (air date: 2018-09-08)

Realising that Bumblebee’s memory is in bad shape, Windblade must resort to extreme measure to try and help fix her friend.

Episode #3: Allspark (air date: 2018-09-15)

While searching his memories to understand the Allspark, Bumblebee makes a more important discovery… the memory of his friend Optimus Prime.

Episode #4: The Journey (air date: 2018-09-22)

During its journey from Cybertron, the ARK’s Energon supplies run low and the desperate crew is forced to enter stasis.

Episode #5: Whiteout (air date: 2018-09-29)

A mysterious clue from Bumblebee’s memory leads Windblade on a treacherous journey.

Episode #6: Megatron is My Hero (air date: 2018-10-06)

Windblade tries to make Bee understand who Megatron is.

Episode #7: Cube (air date: 2018-10-13)

Bumblebee learns how he first met Windblade and relives a Golden Age encounter with a young Starscream and his Seekers.

Episode #8: Terminal Velocity (air date: 2018-10-20)

Bumblebee explores a nightmarish memory of his visit to Velocitron while Windblade pilots the shuttle in a relentless dogfight with the Decepticon Seekers.

Episode #9: Shadowstriker (air date: 2018-10-27)

Bumblebee revisits memories of his arch-nemesis Shadowstriker and learns there’s more to being a hero than just knowing how to fight.

Episode #10: MacCadam's (air date: 2018-11-03)

Bumblebee remembers MacCadam’s, his favorite hangout on Cybertron

Episode #11: Sabotage (air date: 2018-11-10)

Shockwave traps Bumblebee in a false memory designed to convince him he's a Decepticon.

Episode #12: Teletraan-X (air date: 2018-11-17)

Windblade and Bumblebee trace an Autobot signal and find themselves lured into a trap set by Slipstream and her Seekers.

Episode #13: Matrix of Leadership (air date: 2018-11-24)

Bee learns the meaning of leadership through three memories of Optimus Prime.

Episode #14: Siloed (air date: 2018-12-01)

The Seekers attempt to extract the location of the Ark from Windblade's memories.

Episode #15: King of the Dinosaurs (air date: 2018-12-08)

Windblade and Bee uncover a buried Autobot who turns out to be an old friend.

Episode #16: The Extinction Event (air date: 2018-12-15)

The newly formed team of Autobots must stop Shockwave from destroying all life on the planet.

Episode #17: Awaken Sleeping Giants (air date: 2018-12-22)

The Autobot team finally discovers the location of the Ark.

Episode #18: Eruption (air date: 2018-12-29)

The Autobot team must fight its way through Shockwave and his Decepticons to defend the Ark and awaken Optimus Prime and the other Autobots.

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