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Turn poster
Air weekdate: Saturday
Genre: Drama, War
Channel: AMC
Status: Ended
8.1/10(26 votes)
Jamie Bell Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull
Ian Kahn Ian Kahn as George Washington
Idara Victor Idara Victor as Abigail
Ksenia Solo Ksenia Solo as Peggy Shippen
Nick Westrate Nick Westrate as Robert Townsend
Owain Yeoman Owain Yeoman as Benedict Arnold
Seth Numrich Seth Numrich as Ben Tallmadge
Heather Lind Heather Lind as Anna Strong
Angus MacFadyen Angus MacFadyen as Robert Rogers
Burn Gorman Burn Gorman as Major Hewlett

Turn: Washington's Spies takes viewers into the stirring and treacherous world of the Revolutionary War and introduces Abraham Woodhull who, after aligning with a group of childhood friends, forms the Culper Ring--America's first spy ring.

Turn season 1

Turn season 1 poster

This is a dramatic story on one american farmer, who created a group with his childhood friends. The group was called the Culper Ring and it played a great role during the American Revolutionary war.
The film describes events, which took place in 1776, after the great victories of British army when Long Island, Staten Island and other states where captured and passed to British. This was a time when Washington's army was in desperate straits.
It is not a story of a struggle for independence, it is also a story of the beginning of great nation and country, which has a huge influence on today's world. You can also have a sense of that time's America. It is a story of heroism, love to your country and nation, it isn't only a history. The film catches you from the very first moment. It is both interesting for children and adults. Everyone can learn something from this film. The comments of amazed people say everything: almost everyone is waiting for the next episode with great expectations and almost everyone is hopeful, that there would be a lot of seasons.
So don't lose time and begin watching this amazing film about the struggle of American people for their independence. The film shows that every people can play a great role in the victory of his country.

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Turn season 2

Turn season 2 poster

The struggle for independence continues in season two. Abe longs for departure to Washington, but still keeps on his assignment in New York. Rogers manages to find a new job. In the meantime, Simcoe gets used to his penalty. Andre does everything in his powers to tempt Peggy. After executing his mission Abraham is back from New York. Andre is going to put a play on a stage and meets Peggy Shippen. Ben and Caleb cooperate with Sackett and develop their activities. Rogers goes out to New Jersey in the capacity of a Royal Messenger. Abe and Ben have to search for an optimal way of reporting and deliberate upon this matter with Anna. In the meantime, in the course of fulfilling their assignment Caleb and Rogers find themselves in a collision. Andre spends time interestingly at the Shippens. Meanwhile in New York, Abraham is going to play a fine round of checkers with Townsend. Major Hewlett wants Abe to execute a new dangerous mission against which stands Judge Woodhul. Season two of Turn series promises a great variety of overwhelming missions for the sake of liberation.

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Turn season 3

Turn season 3 poster

In 1775 the British colonies of North America and the British entered into a bloody war for independence. Over the years, resistance groups have gained a huge loss. They were malleable in the battle with colonial troops. And only after a certain time, have the opportunity to influence to the course of events. How is not surprising but for to the character of events had the impact the ordinary man which engaged in farming and living on Long Island - Island. This hero had real friendly support from his friends which helped organize a secret group on the territory of the enemy. Thus they were able to get all the details about the intentions of the enemy. The team of brave volunteers was able to establish a channel of transfer of the information. George Washington, first learned about the most important data. He was confident in the reliability of the information because it was read by the commander of the forces of resistance. This work was very dangerous, but on the other hand, and interesting. But how long will this spy operation about draining the information? Will they found and how they ultimately could affect to the order of events?

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