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UnReal poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama
Channel: Hulu
Status: Ended
7.8/10(26 votes)
Constance Zimmer Constance Zimmer as Quinn
Shiri Appleby Shiri Appleby as Rachel
Adam Demos Adam Demos as August Walker
Alejandro Muñoz Alejandro Muñoz as Rodrigo
Alex Hernandez Alex Hernandez as Owen Boyd
Aline Elasmar Aline Elasmar as Shia
Bart Edwards Bart Edwards as Jasper Hunt
Christopher Russell Christopher Russell as Jack
Craig Bierko Craig Bierko as Chet Wilton
François Arnaud François Arnaud as Tommy Castelli

Sexy, sassy and shocking; UnREAL peels back the shimmering veneer of the reality dating show to reveal how unreal they really are. Every character is manipulative. Every character is self-centred. Every character will stop at nothing to get what they want. Every character is unmissable. Unreal is unreal television and essential viewing. Set behind-the-scenes of faux dating show “Everlasting” proves that beauty is indeed only skin deep as a bevy of eligible beauties vie to win the heart of the requisite hunk, or via versa in Season 3 and find everlasting love. The girls think they all have a chance, but in reality, the producers know exactly who they want to be picked and will stop at nothing to ensure they get their final proposal.

UnReal season 1

UnReal season 1 poster

Modern lifestyle dictates their preferences and interests. Reality projects today are popular because they are the most realistic and very clearly reflect the contemporary reality. We can say that reality - it is a mirror of modern life.  In the series "Unreal", you will see how will pass the selection and preparation of participants for a reality show. The main heroine of Rachel. She is an idealistic young producer who will responsible for the selection of participants. It turned there are many who willing to come in and take participating in the selection. As it turned out, some came with the aim to get acquainted with someone. Others just wanted to show themself on television screens. Someone came from nothing to do. But Rachel not had a choice, she had to find the time for each contestant. She knew that her work will affect the rating of the program. Therefore, it was necessary to do everything in the best light, and to satisfy the general manager of the program. But not everything goes is smooth as she would like. Quite often, Rachel gets into ridiculous and funny stories.

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UnReal season 2

UnReal season 2 poster

Fans reality shows often witness situations of incredible projects taking place directly on the stage which simply brought into a state of terror. However, few of them reflect on what is really happening behind the scenes and what methods are used participants in their work in order to win. The given film titled UnReal 2 season will introduce viewers all the secrets behind the scenes on the example of a non-existent American TV show which resembles the plot of the project Bachelor. For the observer can view the unique frames as the participants are trying to attract the attention of the hero in every way possible even using the unfair methods. Participants of the project are absolutely not worry about their reputation. They are willing to surrender to the guy literally to persuade him to have sexual relations so as to eliminate unnecessary competitions. The second scene shows how one of the girls becomes a hostage of the alleged brides. She gets to the conclusion of the initiative and the other characters if not for her family it is not known how long it would continue. It is worth mentioning about the African-American theme which in the project has a special relationship depressing their rights and pride. They do only what in the opinion of the creators is indispensable for the spectators.

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UnReal season 3

UnReal season 3 poster

Not so long ago, the reality show has become one of the most popular and rating programs on television. People love to watch the lives of others. In recent years it has become popular to produce reality shows on the air so as to raise the bar ratings and give some sharpness. Rachel is a young girl who works at one of these programs. She directs the process of selecting the right people and prepares them for transmission. Completely different people with their dissimilar histories and motives come to the selection. Each of the men is guided by ihis own purpose. Some want to be accepted, others are interested in meeting new people, others find it as an opportunity to become a popular person. Rachel pays due attention to each of the contestants is working. After all, she must strive to maintain high ratings on television. Also, Rachel does not skimp configure some participants against each other since many viewers love such scenes. In pursuit of ratings girl is ready to overcome all difficulties. But one day, Rachel comes up with awesome plan that she should make calculations rated climb high up to the sky. Curiously, what is her idea? But most importantly whether it be justified? On this and not only see in the third season of the series UnReal.

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UnReal season 4

UnReal season 4 poster

World of television would look quite boring if not had on its list of romantic reality - the show that touch the soul. But what happens beyond the ether known not to everyone. In fact, the writers prescribed every moment more detail so the audience will have the opportunity to see all of the truth that they want to see most. The series Unreal 4 season extended story about the backstage life of the participants of the show and of course do not forget to touch the true love. It happens that the passion of the camera entails scandals beyond the filming site. The main character of Rachel Goldberg is working on television however she did not wish to lighten up on the news or on the set. Her job is to select those individuals who will be the ones most stars of reality - show. She is interested in getting a good profit so try to choose to ether such people which are able to ignite the audience. For the development of the popularity of reality television - the show Ms. Goldberg will act as an arm of her team members in the show provoking them to intrigue and scandals and constantly glowing situation to the limit. In addition, Rachel does not leave the idea of "The Bachelor" project the previous season fell through her. Therefore, she is going with the spirit and tries not to let her boss again. The girl will have to overcome many difficulties to be able to create an image of macho English the most popular in America. In parallel with this the heroine will arrange her personal life.

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