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Under the Dome season 1

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13 episodes (3638 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Mike Vogel, Colin Ford, Alexander Koch, Max Ehrich, Grace Victoria Cox, John Elvis, Jolene Purdy, Nicholas Strong, Aisha Hinds, Mackenzie Lintz, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson Genre:Drama, Horror, Mystery, Science-Fiction Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.8 (189 votes)

The show is a screen version of a famous novel. The producer is Steven Spielberg. Bryan K. Vaughan, who also produced television series “Lost”, wrote the screenplay. The first season started in 2013, and already has a countless amount of fans in different countries; meanwhile Steven King’s novels keep gaining popularity. Bryan K. Vaughan kept the original characters, and also added some. The series directors were criticized for getting rid of the pretty important characters, which appeared in a novel. But according to scenarists, the TV version was changed to make the show a better fit for an audience.
A story happens in American town. One day it has been covered by a dome-shaped force field, and completely severs citizens from an outside world. It destroys houses, cars, and kills lot of innocent people. Dale Barbara, the Iraq veteran, joins the company of people, and attempts to crash the barrier. A group of guys, led by Jim Rennie, who can easily murder a person just to protect his authority, it gives an opportunity to get a hold of town. The rest of country is isolated, and cannot influence on anything that happens in town. And so the whole story circles around the brave ex-soldier, doing the best he can to get citizens out of the trap, and the new governor Jim Rennie, who has sick murderous desires, and will try to stop him.

Under the Dome season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2013-06-24)

The residents of Chester's Mill find themselves trapped under an enormous, transparent dome. Panic escalates as resources dwindle rapidly.

Episode #2: The Fire (air date: 2013-07-01)

Panic is heightened when a house catches on fire in Chester's Mill, but the fire department is outside of the Dome.

Episode #3: Manhunt (air date: 2013-07-08)

When a former deputy goes rogue, Big Jim recruits Barbie to join the manhunt to keep the town safe. Meanwhile, Junior is determined to escape the Dome by going underground.

Episode #4: Outbreak (air date: 2013-07-15)

The people of Chester's Mill fall into a state of panic as an outbreak of meningitis strikes their community, threatening their already depleted medical supplies. Meanwhile, Julia continues to search for answers into her husband's disappearance.

Episode #5: Blue on Blue (air date: 2013-07-22)

The Chester's Mill residents receive an unexpected visit from their loved ones on the other side. Meanwhile, the community braces for a threat from outside the Dome.

Episode #6: The Endless Thirst (air date: 2013-07-29)

When the town begins to run low on water, the residents of Chester's Mill begin to fight for the remaining resources. Meanwhile, Julia discovers a strange connection that two of the town's residents have with the Dome.

Episode #7: Imperfect Circles (air date: 2013-08-05)

Big Jim takes matters into his own hands when he feels his authority slipping away, and the Dome displays its power when a life is taken just as a newborn arrives.

Episode #8: Thicker Than Water (air date: 2013-08-12)

Junior stands up to his father and is shattered when he discovers the truth about his mother's past. Meanwhile, Julia learns firsthand the powers of the "mini dome."

Episode #9: The Fourth Hand (air date: 2013-08-19)

Barbie and Big Jim realize their lives are more intertwined than they knew when a mysterious woman makes an appearance in Chester's Mill.

Episode #10: Let the Games Begin (air date: 2013-08-26)

Julia uncovers the truth about her husband's disappearance and unravels some of Chester's Mill's darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Maxine shows Barbie how she plans to take control of the town.

Episode #11: Speak of the Devil (air date: 2013-09-02)

Big Jim turns the town against Barbie when the truth about his past is revealed. Meanwhile, Maxine makes it personal when she confronts Barbie’s closest ally.

Episode #12: Exigent Circumstances (air date: 2013-09-09)

While the manhunt for Barbie continues, Big Jim gets the residents of Chester’s Mill riled up and the town demands justice for all of Barbie’s supposed crimes. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie must find a new hiding place for the mini dome.

Episode #13: Curtains (air date: 2013-09-16)

Secrets of the Dome are revealed and Big Jim is determined to put an end to Barbie once and for all. Meanwhile, Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie discover who the Monarch is after receiving a shocking visit from a familiar face.

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