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12 episodes (1142 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Elizabeth Mitchell, Laura Vandervoort, Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, Logan Huffman, Lourdes Benedicto, Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut, Mark Hildreth, Charles Mesure, Christopher Shyer, David Richmond-Peck Genre:Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

7.9 (241 votes)

A huge spaceships appear over the main cities all over the world, and the charismatic and beautiful leader of the Visitors, Anna, declares that they have come in peace. Aliens assure earthlings that they came in peace, and make gifts in the form of medical and technological discoveries. But a small group of humans have some doubts about the sincerity of the alien Visitors, FBI agent Erica becomes clear that the aliens plan is implemented in large corporations and in government, with the further capture of all mankind, and now is the final stage of the plan. Erica has nothing left to do, but to join the resistance movement. Here, Eric meets a stranger Ryan, who wants to save humanity from aliens. Now, the main character must somehow find a balance between work, resistance, and care of her son, who defected to the enemy. Their rebellion is further challenged because the Visitors have won simpasy among the people by curing lots of diseases, and recruiting Earth's teenagers - including son of Erica — suspecting nothing, just spied for the aliens.

V season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2009-11-03)

Dozens of UFO's suddenly appear on Earth, hovering over major cities around the world and claim that their objective is to help the Human race, providing vastly superior intelligence and technology in exchange for water and minerals only found on Earth. The leader of the V's, Anna, uses popular TV anchor Chad Decker to deliver her messages to the Humans but suspicion arises from FBI investigator Erica who believes that the V's have different intentions to what they claim.

Episode #2: There is No Normal Anymore (air date: 2009-11-10)

Chad Decker hosts a debate about the V's. Suspicion arises from FBI investigator Erica who believes that the V's have different intentions to what they claim. Erica and Father Jack find themselves being tracked down by a seeker.

Episode #3: A Bright New Day (air date: 2009-11-17)

Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 diplomatic visas are being issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first, but not everyone agrees with the decision. Erica has been tasked to protect the V's and is tracking a death threat while paired with a V officer. Meanwhile, Ryan starts reaching out to his old friends to build up opposition forces and help fight the V's.

Episode #4: It's Only the Beginning (air date: 2009-11-24)

Erica works with new allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting. Aboard the mothership, Anna meets with a special guest, while managing the investigation into the murder of a V. Chad does a segment on the V Healing Centers demonstrating their amazing medical abilities, but finds himself conflicted by some of his findings.

Episode #5: Welcome to the War (air date: 2010-03-30)

Erica finds her life in danger when she's attacked at home; a dangerous new member is recruited for the Resistance as the Visitors shore up their defenses. Anna wonders why Chad hasn't followed up on his diagnosed aneurysm and Ryan's concern grows over Val's "abnormal" pregnancy.

Episode #6: Pound of Flesh (air date: 2010-04-06)

Anna introduces her pilot program to invite select groups of humans to stay on each of the 29 space ships, Ryan must deal with the fact that Valerie's pregnancy is wildly accelerated. Tyler learns a secret about his mom and one of the team makes a sacrifice to save Ryan.

Episode #7: John May (air date: 2010-04-13)

Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie. Anna brings Chad aboard the Mothership for a story on her Live Aboard Program and Tyler confronts his mom about his mysterious past.

Episode #8: We Can't Win (air date: 2010-04-20)

Chad and Anna are in Geneva for the U.N. Energy Summit where Anna is going to present a gift of technology to the world. Meanwhile, Erica learns that the V Task Force is investigating The Fifth Column and Valerie goes on the run, knowing something is different about her baby and not sure she can trust Ryan.

Episode #9: Heretic's Fork (air date: 2010-04-27)

Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes realize that the V's know names and addresses of The Fifth Column members and must take drastic measures to protect them while, Ryan finally reveals to Val that he's a Visitor. And Chad, with the camera rolling for "Prime Focus", begins the process aboard the Mothership's Medical Bay to have his aneurysm removed.

Episode #10: Hearts and Minds (air date: 2010-05-04)

Erica, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes learn Anna's sent a V shuttle filled with a deadly tracker team to find them and must figure out how to stop the shuttle from landing. Meanwhile, Anna gives Tyler his invitation to the Live Aboard Program and Chad confronts Father Jack on what he knows about The Fifth Column.

Episode #11: Fruition (air date: 2010-05-11)

After a violent attack on someone very close to Anna, she delivers a message that the Vs don't feel safe and will be leaving while she also gives a list of possible Fifth Column members to Chad hoping he'll investigate to help in finding them. Meanwhile, Erica and the team try to track down a scientist who may have created a weapon that the Visitors are afraid of.

Episode #12: Red Sky (air date: 2010-05-18)

A V soldier is still on the hunt for Val when her water breaks and her baby will soon be born. Meanwhile Erica, tired of being on the defensive, decides to go on the offensive and gets herself and Tyler invited up to the Mothership for a get-to-know-everyone-better dinner. But she has more than food on her mind; she's really there to find Anna's soldiers and destroy them. Meanwhile, after Father Jack asks Chad to help get a message to Joshua, he discovers that Anna's been using him.

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