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Versailles (2015)

Versailles (2015) poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Drama, History
Channel: Canal+
Status: Ended
7.9/10(14 votes)
George Blagden George Blagden as Louis XIV
Alexander Vlahos Alexander Vlahos as Monsieur
Evan Williams Evan Williams as Chevalier
Jessica Clark Jessica Clark as Élisabeth-Charlotte de Bavière, Princesse Palatine
Amira Casar Amira Casar as Beatrice
Amira Casar Amira Casar as Béatrice Hiéronyme de Lorraine
Anna Brewster Anna Brewster as Montespan
Catherine Walker Catherine Walker as Madame de Maintenon
Elisa Lasowski Elisa Lasowski as Marie-Thérèse
Gilly Gilchrist Gilly Gilchrist as Jacques

Versailles, 1667. Louis XIV was 28 years old. To rise to the heights of the nobility and wield its absolute power, he launched the construction of Versailles... it proved to be a snare. Louis XIV is a young King haunted by childhood trauma, the Fronde civil, a rebellion of the nobility against his father, Louis XIII... It will prove be a strategic policy out of the ordinary, manipulative, Machiavellian, and he will "invent" Versailles for the nobles of Paris, to keep them under control, and gradually transform the castle into a golden prison. But how will Louis live as the greatest King in the world?

Historical fiction of the court figures and the more humble villagers, guiding us in a world of betrayals and secrets, politicking and declarations of love.

We are sure many of you have heard about King Louis XIV, who was also known as Louis the Great. If you are familiar with the history of life of the ruler is very good. However, we still recommend you see this wonderful series called Versailles, the plot of which revolves is precisely around the powerful ruler Louis XIV. It is possible that you will discover for yourself some new and interesting facts about this person. The history of the reign of Louis started from the time when he stayed at an early age. Due to the fact that the boy was only four years old and he was not actually ready for management, the question of power do the French ministers. There have been many attempts to change the power but each of them was unsuccessful. When Louis's mother was about to die, the boy went from Versailles to the village, where he spent many years of his life. Soon, the time has come when Louis had come to power. He understood the fact that he needs to develop his policies and find support in order to be a worthy ruler. The protagonist will do everything to get this important status and promotion his country to global heights. Despite the difficult situation that has arisen in those days, he always found the strength to achieve new successes.

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The action takes place during the reign of monarchs. You will be transferred at the time of the young king Louis xiv. His fate was known since childhood, because he was crowned when he was 4. But he could not be a king because he was a child. Therefore, all duties performed by his mother Anna and by Council of Ministers. When Louis XIV de Bourbon was 28 years old, his mother, Queen Anne died. The young king is very strong and brave. But he must to be cunning and cruel. He can't relax. Because the Council of Ministers led for a long time, can overthrow the young king. Louis is afraid to trust anyone. He wants to build a luxurious Palace of Versailles in a small village. But none of the courtiers does not experience joy from this venture. They think it's a waste of money. But Louis is planning to establish a rich residence in Versailles. He wants to introduce etiquette and court ranks. But the courtiers are scheming. Louis suspects his subordinates of treason.

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Louis XIV resolved the case of Poisons and won the war against Holland. It seems that nothing can prevent his ambitions in the new episodes of Versailles. He strives to expand his empire and take over the whole of Europe. But his dreams are expensive. People are tired of paying, that’s why insurrection is rising. In addition, new tests are waiting for Louis in his residence. Versailles season 3 brings chaos for French king and his royal court. His new favorite Madame de Maintenon leads him to an absolutist affirmation, which is not devoid of significant disagreements at court. Gradually Louis XIV does not tolerate any dissent, whether it’s his people, Protestants or sovereign pontiff. Nevertheless, the threat loomed over Louis, in the form of a mysterious prisoner hidden under the mask in the 3rd and final season of Versailles series.

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