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Walking Through Time season 1

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3 episodes (504 views)

Air weekdate:Saturday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Documentary Channel:Channel 4 Status:Continuing

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Walking Through Time season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Scotland's Lost Asteroid (air date: 2016-09-24)

Palaeontologist Dr Tori Herridge presents a new series exploring exciting subjects from Britain's history, from a huge meteorite that landed in Scotland, to a sea beast battle in England's Jurassic Park and the amazing story of the last mammoths to graze British grasslands, just 14,000 years ago. North-west Scotland's beautiful coastline is one of the most mysterious parts of Britain. Tell-tale signs in its craggy cliffs reveal that an extra-terrestrial object landed there 1.2 billion years ago. In this episode, Tori joins Dr Mike Simms of Ulster Museum in search of the asteroid and impact crater of this ancient catastrophe. If they find it, it will be one of the world's biggest impacts, and the only asteroid crater found on mainland Britain.

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Episode #2: Britain's Last Mammoths (air date: 2016-10-01)

Palaeontologist Dr Tori Herridge explores exciting subjects from Britain's history. In 1986, the remains of five mammoths were found in a quarry in Shropshire; after decades of analysis, it has been revealed that these mammoths were among the last of their species to survive in Europe. Accompanied by her old PhD supervisor and the man who first identified the mammoths, Professor Adrian Lister of the Natural History Museum, Tori walks the hills of Shropshire to find out how these mammoths died, and also what their deaths can tell us about the big question: what killed off the mammoths?

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Episode #3: Jurassic Coast (air date: 2016-10-08)

Dr Tori Herridge explores the Jurassic Coast of Devon and Dorset, walking from the 150-million-year-old cliffs of Kimmeridge at its eastern end, back through time to the even older red cliffs of Budleigh Salterton, to reveal why the coast is packed with world-class fossils. Along the way she encounters the biggest sea predator ever to have lived and a global disaster that nearly destroyed life on our planet.

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