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Wasted is a four-part series that looks at the impacts of drug use on individuals, families and society. Each details the stories of young people who are either currently dependent on drugs or who have a history of drug taking. The series begins with cocaine addiction, then moves through the use of heroin and cannabis, before finishing with a look at the lives of children who have drug-using parents. This is a hard-hitting and at times disturbing insight into how drug use can ruin lives, although there are also the stories of those who have overcome addiction to get their lives back on track.

Wasted season 1

Wasted season 1 poster

The proposed project will have the liking of the audience is not for everyone. After all, it represented a kind of promotion of unhealthy lifestyles that may perturb many observers. However, if you are used to treat everything with humor then you should look Wasted series. Drug addicts living on the edge of the world are at the center of this story. They are all very different but still there is one thing that unites them is a passion for banned substances which when used they opened a second wind incomparable with anything else. The plot of the motion picture is very similar to the "Friends" series, received a multi-million army of fans. The difference between the soap operas that instead of coffee friends use banned substances. The series is endowed with a British satire humor and swearing on the verge of ... If you enjoy watching films of British production then we encourage you to view this series. Even if many of the scenes show cause resentment you should not forget that this is just a movie. Do not take what is happening close to your heart. Just relax and enjoy the view. The only way you will be able to fully enjoy the project. Watch presented a great game actors, just a killer sense of humor, a non-trivial plot and a lot of interesting series. Each episode will cause sincere empathy to the heroes and lure unpredictability further adventures.

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