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Weeds poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Channel: Showtime
Status: Ended
8.5 (255 votes)
Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin
Alexander Gould Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin
Hunter Parrish Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin
Justin Kirk Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin
Kevin Nealon Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson
Elizabeth Perkins Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes
Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle Trachtenberg as Emma Karlin
Pablo Schreiber Pablo Schreiber as Demetri Ravitch
Romany Malco Romany Malco as Conrad Shepard
Tonye Patano Tonye Patano as Heylia James

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Yes, and it smells better, too! So when Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) faces both sudden widowhood and poverty, she's determined to do anything to keep her kids in suburbia, including taking a job as the neighborhood pot dealer. Subversive, satirical and hilarious, the first season of this groundbreaking Showtime hit is guaranteed to spark laughter!

Weeds season 7

Weeds season 7 poster

The story in this serial is not about fighting against drugs and not about how harmful drug addiction is. It illustrates a totally different point of view. Nancy Botwin lives exactly in that American suburb were everyone’s got “a skeleton in his closet”. She is a widow with two quite original children. The older one, Silas, is a smart and interesting boy with constant problems in love, the younger one, Shane, is a whole different story, as he goes after his mother all the time asking her to give him antidepressants in great numbers. Back to mother – Nancy hasn’t found any other way to feed her family than selling marihuana which she gets from the local dealers – an African American family where Heylia is in charge of everything and gets help from Conrad who seems to have some feelings to Nancy. When the actual marihuana trader appears, Nancy’s neighbors – advocates, financiers and other people – start turning their backs on her. Overall, one can imagine this picture, greatly stuffed with black humor, comic insertions and tragicomic twists.

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Weeds season 8

Weeds season 8 poster

TV series “Weeds” is not about the fight against drugs and how drug use is harmful, opinion represented here entirely on the other side. Nancy lives in the American suburbs, where everyone has his own arcana. To feed his family, she becomes a dealer of marijuana.

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