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What on Earth? season 10

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6 episodes (73 views)
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What on Earth? season 10 episodes list:

Episode #1: Australia's Nuclear Desert (air date: 2021-10-24)

Satellite images capture a giant symbol mysteriously carved into the expanse of Australia's Great Victoria Desert; an investigation reveals a secret nuclear weapons-testing cover-up by the British government with numerous aboriginal casualties.

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Episode #2: Dark Mysteries of Halloween (air date: 2021-10-26)

Satellite images capture unsettling evidence behind zombie graveyards, enigmatic ghost towns, and unexplained death cults; experts use cutting-edge technology to investigate and reveal the dark truth behind these menacing mysteries of evil.

Episode #3: Viking Warrior Invasion (air date: 2021-10-31)

Satellite images capture bizarre groups of circular structures in the remote forests of Derbyshire, England; experts investigate and uncover ancient burial mounds linked to a Viking invasion that changed the course of English history.

Episode #4: Mystery of Apache Mountain (air date: 2021-11-07)

Satellite images capture mysterious stone structures spread across high elevations of the Arizona mountains; experts investigate and uncover ruins of a 19th century Apache fortification linked to the most treacherous migrant route in U.S. history.

Episode #5: Hidden Fortress of Secrets (air date: 2021-11-14)

Satellite images capture a strange castle-like structure hidden in Scotland's dense and remote woodlands; expert archaeologists investigate and uncover an area with a bloody history linked to the birthplace of the world's oldest secret society.

Episode #6: Code of the Viking Witch (air date: 2021-11-21)

Satellite images capture a bizarre pattern of rocks in the shape of a large fingerprint on a remote Swedish island; experts investigate and uncover a mysterious labyrinth with links to ancient Viking black magic and dark, mystical rituals.

Coming soon:
Episode #7 2021-11-28 Mystery of the Cursed Forest
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