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Wolfblood poster
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Channel: CBBC
Status: Ended
6.9/10(236 votes)
Aimee Kelly Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith
Aimee Kelly Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith
Bobby Lockwood Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris
Bobby Lockwood Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris
Cerith Flinn Cerith Flinn as Aran
Chloe Hesar Chloe Hesar as Carrie
Gabrielle Green Gabrielle Green as Katrina
Jack Brett Anderson Jack Brett Anderson as Matei Covaci
Jacqueline Boatswain Jacqueline Boatswain as Victoria Sweeney
Jonathan Raggett Jonathan Raggett as Jimi Chen

Being a teenager is hard enough.
Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated.

Wolfblood season 1

Wolfblood season 1 poster

In the British fantasy series Wolfblood the protagonist is a girl from not quite an ordinary family. Young Maddy has parents-werewolves. Half men and half wolves they live in the context of modern reality and do not feel themselves outsiders. In order to keep the harmony of her life well-protected Maddy and her family have to be reserved and isolated. Nevertheless she attends school. Like her girl friends Maddy is preoccupied with her classmates’ relations and educational success. Thus in contrast to her equals in age the main character has to solve not only the problems at school and on the dating front but also to keep in secret her genuine nature. But once Maddy’s life turns suddenly and becomes brighter – the newcomer appears at her class. He is charming and a little odd… And what is more interesting – he also has his own secrets and keeps them safe. Unravel all mysteries with the Wolflood series!

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Wolfblood season 2

Wolfblood season 2 poster

In Wolfblood season two we see Rhydian suddenly returning to Stoneybridge. He exposes Maddy and her family in danger, because a ferocious pack of wolfbloods runs after him. All in all this surprising coming to Stoneybridge is a great danger provoking disaster and unrest, so it is up to Maddy to choose sides. Moreover a forensic examiner poses threat to reveal a wolfblood’s secrecy, because he heard Liam boasting about his werewolf-slaughtermen ancestors in a class project. Meanwhile wolfbloods get new possibilities to try something new as a lunar eclipse approaches. So Shannon discovers a latent talent that won’t disappear when she becomes a wolfblood. Alric sets forth conditions for Jana, whereas Rhydian must decide between two alternatives. Shannon, Maddy, Emma, Tom and Daniel and enticed into a sinister ancient house by dreadful werewolfhunters, and Maddy unravels Shannon's mysteries. Jana and Rhydian run into something dubious. Find out more enigmas in particular whether Jana manages to steal Shannon’s laptop with all the wolfblood secrets, causing the disintegration of the pack or not.

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Wolfblood season 3

Wolfblood season 3 poster

Season 3 opens on the expiry of two months and at a school fair Rhydian comes across Dacia. She has a wolfblood and relates to him that her organization arranges a safe passage to Canada for the Smiths. Rhydian, Tom and Aran seek for food for Jana and are almost caught on a week moment on Liam's father's farmland. Rhydian's father Gerwyn emerges with hope for forgiveness. He abandoned his wife and son long ago. Ceri is unfriendly but Rhydian convinces him to stay. The wolfbloods cooperate to rescue him but he feels that his presence will put them in danger and he goes away. Situation becomes even more serious when the ancient Wolfblood relics are discovered. Tom finds a soul mate in Kay. Victoria hopes to bring Rhydian in order to extract his DNA. A comet is to pass overhead. Do not miss the opportunity to unearth a mystery of Wolfblood season 3.

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Wolfblood season 4

Wolfblood season 4 poster

British-made TV series Wolfblood, due in theaters in 2013. This fantasy story intended for a teenage audience, managed to win recognition in different parts of the world. It shows the relationship of love, mystical, mystery and friendly lines. In the foreground appear the fate of people, buyout are not able to live a real life, because of their qualities. The main character of Madeleine Smith is not like a normal girl. She, along with her family, hiding their origin ancient kind creations, which include werewolves. These creatures have long been firmly established in human society, but still try not to attract too much attention. Madeleine's family is going through, to differ from others their taste preferences and unusual physical strength, were not seen. Throughout her life, Madeleine thought that the city does not like them, while at her school did not appear new, young boy Riddian Morris, who has the same origin. From the outset, the relationship Madeleine with Riddianom, do not stack well. They begin to interfere and protect their personal territory. But over time, the current hostility develops into something more. Now they are allies, carefully concealed their origins from others, and at the same time leading a double life. Madeleine and Riddian not even opens up their secret friends. But sooner or later, all the concealed becomes clear, and now, when people began to notice differences and Madeleine Riddiana, their second life is in danger. In addition, it was found that in the city there is the pack of werewolves who do not even disguised, and are always ready to substitute a blow of their more advanced comrades.

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Wolfblood season 5

Wolfblood season 5 poster

Half people - half animals, even for a long time, caused an increased interest in people. This series, just tell that such creatures have established themselves among us for a long time. These creatures, almost all the time keep the human form, but sometimes they turn into animals. It was during the full moon, werewolves, change their appearance. The plot revolves around the family of Smith, who lives in a small provincial town. Members of the family are the ones most werewolves, which are so carefully conceal their origin from the common people. Their actions are thought out, very careful and attentive. They understand that they need to do so, to prevent puncture or put lives at risk. As long as they manage to maintain their family secret, but their neighbors have noticed an increased passion for chickens. Do not went unnoticed unusual physical strength of each of them. Maddie Smith daughter goes to school, but she is party to the other disciples, afraid to impersonate. It takes time and, in the school, there is a new student. Maddy, although not immediately, but still made friends with him. It turns out, Maddie’s new friend has the same secret. Now they share a secret that they continue to remain silent. The premiere of the fifth season of the series Wolfblood be held in 2017. Watch for the release of the news not to miss our official statement on the exact release date of the fifth season of the series.

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