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Work in Progress

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Genre: Comedy, Romance
Channel: Showtime
Status: Continuing
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Abby McEnany Abby McEnany as Abby
Celeste Pechous Celeste Pechous as Campbell
Julia Sweeney Julia Sweeney as Julia
Karin Anglin Karin Anglin as Alison
Theo Germaine Theo Germaine as Chris

Work in Progress follows a 45-year-old self-identified, fat, queer dyke from Chicago whose misfortune and despair unexpectedly lead her to a vibrantly transformative relationship.

Events revolve around a hero with an unspecified gender named Abby. This 45-year-old person is overweight and does not have a specific gender. In fact, she goes through a difficult level of self-identification. Once in the life of this person, unpredictable changes occur. Once again, when the central character came to the session with his therapist, he witnessed the sudden death of his doctor. After such a loss, the hero of the series tries to do self-development on his own, since he can no longer trust anyone. The fact is that this person cannot understand to which sex he / she needs to be assigned. It is for this reason that Abby begins to have suicidal thoughts. After some time, the hero realizes that suicide is the only, and perhaps the best way to solve all his problems, which he can not cope with. But thanks to the support of her sister and an unexpected romantic relationship with a transgender waiter, her life begins to play with new colors.

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The second part continues the comedy story about a strange woman with a male haircut who hopes to change for the better. Thanks to the support of a quick-witted sister and a relationship with a young transgender waiter, she begins to get rid of sad thoughts.

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