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You Me Her

You Me Her poster
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Channel: Crave
Status: Ended
8.6/10(201 votes)
Chelah Horsdal Chelah Horsdal as Lori Matherfield
Dave Collette Dave Collette as Gabe
Ennis Esmer Ennis Esmer as Dave Amari
Greg Poehler Greg Poehler as Jack Trakarsky
Greg Poehler Greg Poehler as Jack Trakarsky
Jarod Joseph Jarod Joseph as Andy
Jennifer Spence Jennifer Spence as Carmen
Jerry Wasserman Jerry Wasserman as Dean Weinstock
Kevin O'Grady Kevin O'Grady as Gabe
Laine MacNeil Laine MacNeil as Ava

An unusual, real-world romance involving relatable people, with one catch - there are three of them! You Me Her infuses the sensibilities of a smart, grounded indie rom-com with a distinctive twist: one of the two parties just happens to be a suburban married couple. Watch and laugh along as you go behind the scenes of this 10-day whirlwind affair.

You Me Her season 1

You Me Her season 1 poster

Actions exciting, romantic comedy titled You Me Her place in a small, quiet town, where one couple Amy and Jack, who lived together for years suddenly find themselves implicated in a classic love triangle. The couple will have to find the right way out of this situation. This picture tells the story of the complexity of the search of true love, when given the opportunity to choose the best of several partners and decide what is more important, or novelty, or already proven feelings. Amy and Jack are in crisis in family relations. That passion that blazed between them earlier, slightly subsided. Intimate relationships are not as delicious as they were in the old days. The couple reflect, and they think they've found a way out. Amy and Jack have invited the girl out of the scope of escort services, with the hope of refreshing their marriage. Soon there was a woman in the house, awakening motivation. Jack immediately interested new friend. What kind of reaction to such a move on the part of Jack's to be expected from his wife, and what will be the result of this experiment with the senses?

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You Me Her season 2

You Me Her season 2 poster

The three-some are back. You Me Her season 2 continues to talk about a married couple who decided on an unusual experiment to improve relations. Jack and Emma called the girl from the escort service, Izzy. As a result, this idea turned into a love triangle. This is a true love with more the one. They have long fought to the outside world for their relationship. However, in the new season, the trio will face an even more dangerous threat – themselves. The current reality is beginning to affect their relationship.

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You Me Her season 3

You Me Her season 3 poster

You Me Her season 3 is a continuation of the Canadian-American comedy about polygamous relationships. When a couple has some difficulties in the relationship, then no one has the right to interfere with them, even with good intentions. However, spouses Emma and Jack think differently and are trying to attract third parties to their problems. As a result, a married couple are in love with the easy and funny girl Izzy. Moreover, they are trying to build a three-way relationship. Perhaps, this is what our family couple lacked … What could be the end in such a strange bed life? Will the girl become a new member of the family in their company? In order to get to know all this, it will be enough to watch the new season of the amusing, romantic series You Me Her.

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The events of the new season unfold after an unusual ceremony in the pizza joint, where our throuple swore allegiance. Now our extraordinary newlyweds will try to live a normal family life ... Will it work out?

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