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You're the Worst

You're the Worst poster
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Channel: FXX
Status: Ended
8.6/10(859 votes)
Allan McLeod Allan McLeod as Paul Jillian
Aya Cash Aya Cash as Gretchen Cutler
Aya Cash Aya Cash as Gretchen Cutler
Brandon Mychal Smith Brandon Mychal Smith as Sam
Chris Geere Chris Geere as Jimmy Shive-Overly
Colin Ferguson Colin Ferguson as Boone
Darrell Britt-Gibson Darrell Britt-Gibson as Shitstain
Desmin Borges Desmin Borges as Edgar Quintero
Doug Benson Doug Benson as Doug Benson
Janet Varney Janet Varney as Becca

You're the Worst is a comedic love story about what happens when two toxic, self-destructive people fall in love despite themselves and attempt the impossible - a relationship...

One of the main characters is a handsome fellow named Jimmy. Women are mad about this white-haired dandy and he is widely popular among the opposite sex. And he turns this state of affairs to his account very willingly. And as for the conversations about the eternal love, strong relationship and marriage – these themes frighten him away and spoil his mood. Is it possible that he continues gliding along his life changing women constantly? Or maybe there exists that special someone who will become his fate? Who may be such a woman? It is likely to be his very reverse as it is known that extremes meet. But as a matter of fact everything is much more complicated. Jimmy meets a girl who attracts him more than the others. But she is neither bashful nor tight-laced. On the contrary this red-haired beauty tries to take everything from her life. It means that she bears much resemblance to Jimmy. They could just part with each other after a night spent together and forget each other. But they discover a strong attraction which will turn into quite an interesting story of love and hatred.

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The things are moving rapidly in the second season of the You’re the Worst series. Jimmy and Gretchen are still in challenging relationship. They both are very strong personalities, and their power is balancing to and fro. This is not a typical romance we are going to follow! The story arc promises to be very touching, and won’t leave anyone cold. Here we’ll see Lindsay facing herself and wondering: Who am I? What is my goal in life? In premiere season Lindsay and Edgar did much bonding. But this time the dynamics between them will be different. They are happy together and have a very good time. A Paul’s new love interest, Amy, will appear in the second season. This will be really amusing when you see Lindsay interacting with Paul’s lover. Season two has a bunch of side characters appearing in the series in their own capacity. All in all, this is a perfect series with first-grade actors, humor, music, plot and excellent director’s work. It is definitely worth watching!

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The series, which sets out the true love seasoned reckless humor, fell to the liking of a huge number of spectators. This is the story of a horny, fun and sarcastic pair of Jimmy and Gretchen. Their first meeting took place during a marriage ceremony at her best girlfriend and boyfriend. Jimmy secretly, using the pretext to take a call or take a photo, on phones and cameras bride's friends, imprinted them on his farm storage. Gretchen that day did not have the slightest desire to go for the upcoming ceremony, so struggled as much as possible to leave this place quickly. She picked up with a blender and presented to relatives of disappeared behind the gates. Near the exit, casual acquaintances are facing each other. In the course of conversation Jimmy offers his new friend a treat in the form of a marijuana cigarette. Under the influence of psychoactive agents familiar converging in a single opinion, that the wedding want to be the best. Warm fellowship gradually passed into a heated discussion and then were affected by intimate topics, and at the end to this turbulent act of passion. After the heroes converged on the fact that it was the first and last time. During a stormy night, it's morning goodbye, but new acquaintances continued to experience a sense of vagueness and indecision with respect to each other. Gretchen values her freedom-loving, Jimmy finds himself the center of the universe. But no matter how they tried not to go beyond their established principles, yet it ignited a spark of true love between them.

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You’re the Worst season 4 is the continuation of the American comedy series about two strange and selfish personalities trying to build love. Real, and sometimes vicious love in combination with crazy humor is the highlight of the TV series You’re the Worst. Season 4 begins with the moment of parting of the main characters. At the end of the season 3 Jimmy made an offer of marriage Gretchen, but eventually got scared of such a serious step and fled … Now the guys try to live apart from each other in the new episodes and start relationships with other people. What will happen to all the characters in the new season? You can find out by looking at all episodes of season 4 You’re the Worst.

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You're the Worst season 5 is a final chapter about two selfish and creative personalities who no matter what they are trying to get along with. There are passionate sex, no relationship, affection and other pink stupidity. But their great self-confidence all the same suffered a complete fiasco. In the end, two the worst people became the best partners for each other...

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